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Canadian hardcorers
will release EP
‘Cutting Teeth’

EP Art, Multimedia and Photography by Wyatt Gallant

Fugue State
Cutting Teeth

to watch the video-clip ‘Molotov’, please click play…

Produced and recorded by Ryan Gallant
Mixed and mastered by Ryan Irving

Baited are:
Tyler Turner – bass
Andy Adams – drums
Chris Gallant – vocals
Liam Farrell – guitar

The EP as a whole:
‘Cutting teeth’ is Baited being their most rowdy and chaotic selves.
Their first release was still energetic but had moments of sorrow.
This release is Baited balls to the wall.
No holding back.
Track by Track:
The heaviest song with their gnarliest breakdown yet. Very jumpy and sludgy, which is an unusual combo.
‘Molotov’ is the banger it’s the first released single and the song the band is most proud of. It’s the band’s mission statement.
Fugue State:
Most melodic song. This was the first song Baited wrote for this ep. It’s a mix between our recent sound and our last record. Very old-school Rise against instrumentals with skramz and punk vocals.
This song is meant for the 2-step. With punchy and fizzy guitar and bass tones. This song just doesn’t quit.
Cutting Teeth:
Riffage continues while Chris continues to shove down your throat what the band is about.
Spacy ep outro to tie this short experience together and leave them wanting more.
The band started as 3 piece just Liam Tyler and Andy.
Liam and Tyler shared vocals.
At the start of 2023 longtime friend Chris officially joined the band along with Wyatt Gallant as a photographer and multimedia.
Andy’s long-time friend and Death Valley Driver drummer Ryan P Gallant recorded all the songs.
Ryan Irving, Andy’s old bandmate from Credgidence also mixed and mastered the whole ep.
‘KCCW’ is an outro synth song written by Liam.
Marvin Heemeyer is sampled on the song aka Kill Dozer.
Liam has had this sample in an unreleased song before but felt that it suited best in this context.
‘KCCW’s meaning will never be explained.
Wyatt Gallant did all photography and editing for the ep and single covers.
He is an absolute G for that one.
Baited, a hardcore punk band formed in 2022 hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Fueled by a shared love for the relentless energy of punk rock, they thrive in mosh pits and dive bars alike, tipping bartenders and sending shoes across the bar.
In the depths of Charlottetown, Baited emerged from smoky basements and cramped practice spaces.
Their sound, a blistering blend of fast-paced riffs, pounding drums, and angst-ridden vocals, set mosh pits ablaze.

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