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‘Fire Rider’

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Following the latest official album ‘Pale Horse’ from autumn 2021 as well as the re-release of the ‘Best of’ album ‘Looking Back’ from spring/summer 2022, the project WINTER releases the next long-player ‘Fire Rider’ with brand-new songs in October.
While ‘Pale Horse’ was primarily based in the genre of gothic rock, the new songs really hit the creative gas pedal and surprise with an extremely gripping mixture between the aforementioned goth sound (‘Unholy Blood’, ‘Into The Void’ feat. Florian Grey) and almost classic rock with the style of the 80s as demonstrated by the title song ‘Fire Rider’, the proverbial ‘Children Of The 80s’ as well as the first single ‘Pray’.
A stylistic description of the mixture on the album is the cover version of the Sister Of Mercy song ‘Under The Gun’ which even in its original version ranges between different genres.
Overall and in musical terms, ‘Fire Rider’ is bolder and occasionally slightly more aggressive than the previous album, but also very catchy.
A prime example is the song ‘When All Is Said And Done’ which perfectly combines a wonderful ‘Chris Isaak’ vibe in the verses and a rousing up-tempo rock sound in the chorus.
‘Fire Rider’ will be released on October 14th and will be available on CD, limited edition digipack CD, double vinyl and in digital form.
In addition, the double vinyl and limited edition CD feature a special version of ‘Into The Void’ with guest singer Florian Grey plus another exclusive bonus track called ‘Shortcut To Your Heart’ on the vinyl edition.

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