White Circle Project

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an Italien gothic rock act

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Paolo Pagnani – piano
Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals
Alfonso Mocerino – drums
Raffaele Sorrentino – cello
special guest:
Roberto Giangrande – bass

White Circle Project is a dark music band created by pianist and composer Paolo Pagnani.
‘La maschera della morte’, the new single by White Circle Project, is a gothic fairy tale that tells the obsession of an elderly puppeteer for a youthful love whose memory will accompany him until his death.
White Circle Project is a band that mixes dark atmospheres and melodic prog.
The music is composed by Paolo Pagnani and the singing is entrusted to the incredible voice of Nicoletta Rosellini.
For this single a video clip was created with the ‘motion graphic’ technique by the artist Fabiana Fazio.
‘La maschera della morte’ is the second single from White Circle Project and will become part of the debut album scheduled for 2024.

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