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Italian symphonic blackened death metal band
have released their debut EP

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‘(A)STER’ line-up:
Daniele Boccali – rhythm guitars
Edoardo Casini – lead guitars
Andrea Bruni – vocals
Alessandro Cupici – drums
Norman Ceriotti – drums
Alessandro Travetti – bass
Francesco Ferrini – FX, orchestration

FICTIO SOLEMNIS is a Symphonic Blackened Death Metal band from Perugia, Italy, born in late 2019.
The band implements elements of Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal and Classical Music with Symphonic Parts.
The debut EP ‘(A)STER’ released via ULTIMATE MUSIC TRAINING Music School & Record Label, sees the partecipation of world renowned musicians from bands such as FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and DEFAMED and has been written by Daniele Boccali (OLAMOT)and Edoardo Casini (DESOURCE, XENOFACTION, SOLO ARTIST), which is the CEO & Chief of Ultimate Music Training, as a guide and teacher.
Recorded by Giovanni Rosellini AKA UNDERGRIND STUDIO and reamped, mixed, mastered by Marco Mastrobuono AKA KICK RECORDING STUDIO while the Artwork has been created by HRS Designs.

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