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New song from Ukrainian female fronted band TEREN
profetic words before the invasion

Greed is the fourth release of Ukrainian folk metal band TEREN.
It’s a scream of doomed despair.
We’re going down a cliff, and our blind greed just forced it.
Homo isn’t sapiens, apparently…
“When we had the basis of this song, we thought that here would be some poignant lyrics. It would be about absolute evil, the mother of all grief and woe. Don’t ask us why we heard this in our own music. We wrote the lyrics within minutes, in which the main character is a cause of all cataclysms. Every step burns Earth down, waves her hand raise a storm, every move turn light into darkness. When we put it all together, we understood that this song is about humanity.”
The main curse on Earth is human.
The only reason of all wars, cataclysm and woe is a human’s greed.
“We destroy everything around us, because we can. It was god-knows-which year, maybe 2222, maybe last year. Instead of icebergs, oil slicks drifted across the ocean, the planet’s central heating was directly connected to forest fires, the noise of cities echoed off steep garbage slopes, multiplied and muffled lone voices.”
Sometimes, when the smog and dust scattered, dreamers sat and peeped through a hole in the ozone layer into the sky, dreaming of new worlds, sipping through the straws the last drops of Earth’s power.
Mankind was choking on its own greed.

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