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Greek doomers
have released album
‘Urban Psyche’

Follow Through
Deadly Crime
Strength of Suicide
By the Creek

Iasonas Gousas – vocals, flute
Dionisis Kiamos – guitars
Manos Analabidakis – bass
Giorgos Papaioannou – drums

‘Urban Psyche’ is the band’s first full-length and follows the two-tracks EP ‘The Start Of The Monkey’ released in 2020.
The album is about negative emotions one feels in an urban environment, taken from personal and others experiences.
Not the simple emotions one may feel but those that are more distractive to one’s inner peace and how these emotions rule over our lives.
StartTheMonkey would like the listeners to travel and get lost in their music, trying and feel what they have felt while composing this album as well as to reconsider the life model that has been placed upon us. Through the music, the band gives a message of hope that, thanks to a concerted effort all of us individually, can bring a wind of change to a better and brighter future life model.
The band’s name StartTheMonkey means we should pursue our goals and ambitions.
It means to wake up the monkey you have inside you, to move ahead despite the hurdles and the routine of everyday life.
It symbolizes the flame that we all have in us that we should never let it burn out.
StartTheMonkey is doom metal post-metal , experimental band from Athens Greece ,formed May of 2017.
After a lot of lineup changes StartTheMonkey is now composed of guitarist Dionusis Kiamos , on drums George Papaioannou , bassist Manos Analabidakis and of the vocalist and flutist Iasonas Gousas
They have released an EP (‘The Start Of The Monkey’) of two songs on April the 15th of 2020 .
Because of this global pandemic and especially with the situation in Greece they have not been able to have a live performance , so during this hard times they composed and recorded their first full length album (‘Urban Psyche’) at their A11 Studios and mixed/mastered by Kostas Gerochristos (Decipher/Lucifers Child) and the artwork designed by Haris Tsikleas.
The album is consisted of seven songs with a length of 35:10.
The theme is about negative emotions one feels in an urban environment, taken from personal and others experiences.

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