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Finnish blackened doom metal trio
has released single/video

to watch the video-clip ‘Hummingbird’, please click play…
pic by Thomas Arne Rørstad

Sidewalk Mafia are:
Tommy Angelov – vocals, guitars
Johannes Wolfpathon – drums, vocals
Tom O´Valley – bass

Finnish blackened doom metal band Sidewalk Mafia released new single ‘Hummingbird’ on june 16 by an Italian label Sliptrick Records.
‘Hummingbird’ is the second single from the upcoming album, and it represents the album’s most melodic section, with a new kind of sonic atmosphere.
At the same time, the song contains familiar Sidewalk Mafia elements and heaviness, and even more melancholic general thematic.
Singer-guitarist Tommy says:
“The song’s idea and topic came to me last summer, when I was talking in the middle of the night with my good friend about failures, wrong choices, wrong behavior and the fears and the feelings of being left alone. These things stuck in my mind, and the next day I made this song in one sitting, which is not always the most typical way of working for me.”
Sidewalk Mafia is a blackened doom metal band(trio) from Helsinki, Finland.
The band’s sound is extremely heavy and oppressive with low tuned guitars.
Sidewalk Mafia was founded in 2020 by vocalist/guitarist Tommy Angelov and drummer/vocalist Johannes Wolfpathon.

have released their
new single ‘Cruel Sacrifices’

to watch the video-clip ‘Cruel Sacrifice’, please click play…

Metal/Doom band Sidewalk Mafia released on friday ythe 19th of November 2021 a new single ‘Cruel Sacrifices’.
The single will open a promotion for the album to be released in late spring 2022.
The single comes out through the German record company Blood rite Records.
The band operates as a duo, but in a gig situation, the band is a trio with a guest bassist.
The band’s sound is ultra-heavy but also melodic with low-tuned guitars.
The band says:
“We released our first single ‘This frozen paradise’ in early 2021. It was really well received around the world and actually defined our style. ‘Cruel Sacrifices’ cotinues with it and represents everything we want to be. It is extremely heavy, melodic and oppressive, but at the same time atmospheric. This is a good song to start promoting our upcoming album.”

Sidewalk Mafia
new single “This Frozen Paradise”

to watch the video-clip ‘This Frozen Paradise’, please click play…

Metal/Heavy music band Sidewalk Mafia is based in Helsinki, Finland and in the autumn on 2020 they signed a record deal with the German record company, Blood Rite Records.
On autumn 2021 there is coming a full length album.
The band operates as a Duo, but in a gig situation, the band is a trio with a gig bassist.
The band describes their music as a
“crushing metal experience, which crossing over genres as well if needed. It might be slow, it might be fast, but it will be guaranteed with emotion and attitude.”

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