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American doom metal project
has released album

Cover artwork and layout by Joshua Wilkinson (The Company)
Layout assistance by Łukasz Jaszak

Etugen Eke & Od Ana
Garuda Khuresh
Agloolik Igaluk
Tamag & Ocmah
Imdugud in Shambhala
Peri to Ela Guren
Sedna & Eliduc (bonus)
A-dkar Theg Pa (bonus)

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Marc Urselli’s thrilling project STEPPENDOOM amalgamates indigenous throat singers from around the globe with the cream of doom metal.
Among many others, the renowned artists who answered three-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli’s call include Matt Pike (SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE), Aaron Aedy (PARADISE LOST), Steve Von Till (NEUROSIS), Christopher Juul (HEILUNG), Dave Chandler (SAINT VITUS), Lori S. (ACID KING), and Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich (THE OBSESSED) from the metal side, as well as masters of throat signing such as Alash Ensemble, Batzorig Vaanchig ‘Zorigoo’, HUUN-HUUR-TU, Tanya Tagaq, Albert Kuvezin (YAT-KHA), and Alexey Tegin.
‘SteppenDoom’ witnesses artists from each joining forces, enriching and enhancing each other to create new sounds that are rooted deeply in local environments, nature, and the last wild regions of this planet as well as in one of the most global industrialised urban musical styles possible.
Marc Urselli’s STEPPENDOOM demands to be listened to with non-prejudiced ears and an open mind.
While the album and its songs may require some time to properly absorb, they ultimately reveal a stunning beauty that sees eagles soar over cities, winds from the steppes awakening hearts and minds, ice turning to arctic animals, and many other miracles.
Ancient magic is joined to modern forces here, creating something revolutionary and new that contains one of the oldest forms of human expressions:
the cry for freedom!
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound New York City, US.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

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