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Basque metal guitarist
has released his album
‘Sentitu Bahitu Kateen Hotsak’

Kateak hausten
Ibilbideko zuhaitzen biloben ondoan
Apurtuko al du itsasoak
Ez gaituzte honetarako hezten
Kontrasteak beltz eta grisean
Askatasunari askatasunetik
Nintzena zinen
Bidea berregin zen

Enbor Arnasa began in November 2019 to compose what a year later would become his self-titled first album.
Songs like ‘Bihotzez’, ‘Berpiztu’ or ‘Sortzen’ are part of this first experiment.
The compositions began before the pandemic but the album was published in full confinement.
Heavy, thrash, rock and a touch of death metal make up this album sung entirely in Basque.
First experience for Inaki Espartza (Arrigorriaga, Basque Country, 1984) in recording his own album, after having worked as a sound technician on some albums by other bands.
Making metal in Basque was something pending in Inaki, who took care of composing all the guitars, basses, drums and voices.
The result, this reddish album with personal and social themes, etc.
“It was the end of 2020 and we were still in confinement due to the pandemic, so the compositions continued. And little by little what would be the second album was created.”
‘Ilunari Argia’ (may of 2021) is more metal than the previous album, with much more death metal and faster rhythms.
There are more guttural voices, but fewer guitar solos.
Songs with whispers like: ‘Minez Negar’, ‘Ilunari Argia’ and ‘Burutapenak’ are part of this very varied album.
Varied because there is also progressive music, calm music, thrash and heavy again.
The ‘Nora Joan Baleukate’ video clip was recorded and the album received very good reviews from specialized metal media.
2023 arrives, and with it the latest album by Enbor Arnasa, entiteled ‘Sentitu Bahitu Kateen Hotsak’.
Sung entirely in Basque, like all the songs composed by Enbor Arnasa, excepting the instrumental ones of curse.
Less guttural voices than in the second album, it can be said that in terms of voices it is more melodic than the previous album.
There are very powerful guitars and all kinds of drum rhythms.
Recorded after 6 months of rest after the publication of the previous album, it is noticeable that the confinements ended and above all the voices transmit antother force.
The album is a huge experiment.
It has compsitions made over a year.
Rivers, mountains, trees, social and personal themes, reams, memories and endless nuances are reflected in this album.
Composed entirely in Ungao-miraballes, where part of the Inaki Espartza family comes from.
Enbor Arnasa:
“The evolution is noticeable and although it is a totally different experiment from previous albums, it is stepped on more firmly then in previous releases.”

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