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Finnish doom metal band
will release album
‘We Are Already Living In The End of Times’

We Are Already Living in The End of Times
Torment in Existence
Invisible Flesh
The Legacies
Time is
Status of the Soul

Astral Sleep are:
Jaakko Oksanen – bass
Rolle Heinonen – guitars
Markus Heinonen – vocals, guitars
Jiri Pyörälä – drums

Astral Sleep hails from Finland, Tellus.
The group has wreaked havoc on the metal genre since 2005.
Astral Sleep’s music fuses various musical styles into an unique entity dubbed ‘Astral Doom Musick’:
The boundaries of different sub-genres of Doom are ripped apart, mingled with pieces of jazz, psych-rock, noise, various styles of metal, and sown back together into the monstrosities that they are.
Astral Sleep’s mission is finding eternal bliss in the world on its inevitable trajectory towards Doom.
With the previous album ‘Astral Doom Musick’ (Saarni Records 2020), Astral Sleep established their accurate genre definition as the namesake of the said album.
With the new, 4th full-length, the band continues to evolve within these musical terms, but this time with a direction towards more Doom and Gloom, less Astral and Magical.
The new album’s gargantuan soundscape resonates the immensity of the apocalypse portrayed.
Beneath the waves of crushing guitars, drums pound and bass churns, like volcanoes that erupt under oceans, and above glide the ethereal lead guitars and synths, as the powerful vocals shatter the skies and tremble the earth.
‘We Are Already Living In The End Of Times’ witnesses the apocalypse as it manifests, and explores the thoughts, feelings, and insights that unfold in the face of the Doom.
Why did this happen?
What can we do about it?
How should we feel about it?
Should we care?
Does it even matter?
The album takes it path through powerful scenes of destruction, loss, and despair, but also of deliverance, self-realization, and existential enlightenment.
The cover art for the album was made by the renowned artist Mark Cooper, an insanely talented designer of tons of album-covers.
This epic piece depicts an apocalyptic event where the last concert ever to happen on earth is about to take place running on the last fumes of the broken-down factory.
For Fans Of:
YOB, Crowbar, Pallbearer, Solitude Aeturnus, David Lynch, Nobuo Uematsu

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