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Athenian doom-gazers
released first full length album

cover photo by Danai Simou
cover design and artwork by George Gkousetis for Semitone Labs
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Church of the Sea are:
Irini – vocals
Vangelis – guitars
Alex – synths, samples

Three years after the release of their EP ‘Anywhere but Desert’, the Athenian doom-gazers Church of the Sea return with their first full length album ‘Odalisque’.
‘Odalisque’ was introduced to us a few weeks ago with the song that brings the title of the album, constitutes the evolution of Church of the Sea.
Dark electronic rock, combines the atmosphere of shoegaze with the weight of doom.
Dreamy mood, is reflected in the ethereal vocals, but also in the distorted sounds of the guitar and the synths.
Beats that contribute to building the atmosphere, in addition to simply determining the rhythm, by introducing unique sampled sounds, such as broken piano strings or the bow of a violin on a cymbal.
‘Odalisque’ is an ode to unfulfilled desire, wrong choices and the awareness that if we could go back in time, we would repeat exactly the same mistakes and participate again and again in the same sadistic dance with absolute consciousness.
Church Of The Sea, formed in 2017 in Athens, Greece, when three individuals came together to create a distinct sound, balancing between doom and dark electronic rock.
They embrace fuzzed sounds, heavy distorted beats and ethereal, chant-like vocals.
‘Odalisque’ was recorded at Suono Studios, engineered and produced by Alex Bolpasis and Church Of The Sea, mixed by Alex Bolpasis, and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Mastering (Alice In Chains, Garbage, LA Witch, The Black Angels).
Their debut EP ‘Anywhere but desert’, was released on October 2nd of 2018, recorded at Artracks Studios and Coti K’s Suono Studios, engineered and produced by Alex Bolpasis (Whereswilder, Noise Figures, Cyanna Mercury) and Church of the Sea, mixed and mastered by Chris Common (Chelsea Wolfe, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Emma Ruth Rundle).
On February 8th 2019 ‘Anywhere but desert’ was released on cassette tape by A Man out of A Man Records and on April 13th on vinyl by Smash Records.
The band has taken part in several festivals (Happening Now, Cult of the Amps, Templefest), was the opening act for Antimatter on March 24th 2019 and The Murder Capital on September 26th, and completed the live cycle for ‘Anywhere but desert’ with a sold-out performance at St. Paul’s Anglican Church on February 22th 2020.

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