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American extreme metal band
will release single/video
‘Siren Head’

Album Artwork by Joshua Ward
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Produced by Joshua Ward
Mixed by Joshua Ward
Mastered by Mike Low

pic by Jamie Leblanc, Art by Joshua Ward

Voraath are:
Chelsea Marrow – vocals
Tylor Kohl – guitar
Paul McBride – bass
Joshua Ward – drums, keys, vocals, studio guitars

Metal Injection:
“Crushing Sci-Fi Death Metal”
No Clean Singing:
“The music (The Barrens) reaches new heights of fire-storming intensity, burning with feverish desperation, and then suddenly shifts into a classically influenced acoustic guitar and bass instrumental that’s sublime. That proves to be a segue into yet another phase of the musical narrative, one that’s glorious. The drums continue their blistering assault, but the music soars on the wings of solos of riveting splendor, heroic singing that goes sky-high, and the vast sweep of cinematic synths, which collectively end the track in a panoramic finale of stunning magnificence.”
Decibel Mag:
“they are a band who’ve combined their musical and visual sides into a silver screen-worthy, sci-fi based, death metal odyssey centered around alien contact, the devastation and degradation of the environment and humanity, rule by corporate overlords and henchmen, Primitivism vs. Futurism and, of course, lots of blood, guts and killing.”

Shared Stage with
Rings of Saturn, Extortionist, Volcandra

Tours and Festivals:
2022Cyber Shed U.S. tour with Rings of Saturn
2023Dimensional Destruction tour with Volcandra
2023Headling the Blast Beats and Brews festival in Atlanta GA
August 2023Michigan Metal Fest (with Born of Osiris)

VORAATH will release on the 27th of july 2023 single ‘Siren Head’.
Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drummer/ Band Founder:
“This was the first song we wrote as a band, it was a fun song inspired by our children who were fans of the horror creature ‘siren head’ which is a creature developed by Trevor Henderson. So for us, this was a bonding song for us and our kids. Our lore features interdimensional deities anyways so it was not out of our conceptual scope to write a song about ‘Siren Head’. With our new vocalist bringing so much to the table and revitalizing the project, we wanted to remake the song to introduce her sound and stylistic approach to our music, setting the pace for what’s to come with the full album.”
Voraath is a Sci-fi horror-inspired extreme metal band featuring members from Xael, Visitant, Rapheumets Well, Implosive Disgorgence, and Sweet Blood.
Crafting their own musical, the music serves to take you on an auditory odyssey.
An otherworldly and experimental metal act based out of the Carolinas, Voraath unifies epic soundscapes with bone-crushing brutal riffs.
In September 2021, Voraath began as an experimental project with Joshua Nassaru Ward (Xael, Rapheumets Well), Tylor Kohl, and Paul McBride.
In April of 2023, Chelsea Marrow joined the team as the lead vocalist.
The word Voraath itself refers to an act of vengeance as well as the deity of wrath.
“Our music is set on a dystopian earth about a hundred and thirty years in the future. Eighty percent of the population has disappeared after the arrival of three interdimensional entities and the world is governed by corporations. The music and lore are told from the standpoint of a group of contracted hunters who inadvertently becomes part of a much more insidious plot with cosmic implications.”
“Our outfits are handcrafted by the wife of our guitarist (Frank Kohl). The armor and cuirass that our vocalist wears were handcrafted by leather crafter/armorer Joshua Niemeyer who is the owner of the crafting company ‘The Grim Ringer’. Our masks are altered mesh masks crafted by Tylor Kohl and Joshua Ward.”
“Our drummer Joshua Ward also does drum tech work, working for renowned drummers such as George Kollias and Pete Sandoval.”
“The lore of the music is inspired by 80’s sci-fi movies, game lore, and folk tales of the Appalachian mountains.”
“Both band rooms and studios exist on farmland in the mountains of N.C. and S.C. where members of Voraath go on group camping, kayaking, and tactical training adventures which inspire the vibe which the band portrays.”

For fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cattle Decapitation, Dimmu Borgir, Acid Bath, Septic Flesh, Gojira

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