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7th & 8th april 2023
Ground Zero, Spartanburg,
South Carolina, USA

Total Deathcore, an independent record label known for promoting underground metal music, is hosting their first-ever official festival on Friday, April 7th and Saturday, April 8th at the legendary venue Ground Zero in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Total Death Fest is a dream come true for label owner Daniel Whitehouse and is showcasing some of the best unsigned up and coming musicians from all over the East, particularly the Southeast.
This two-day event will feature a plethora of bands ranging from all subgenres of metal, keeping true to the name of Total Death Fest.
The festival is also working with BeatdownKing, a prominent up and coming Twitch personality who hosts a unique show called King’s Wings, where he interviews metal artists and musicians while eating spicy food live on Twitch in a professional studio set-up.
Total Deathcore has been promoting underground metal music for years,and this festival is a culmination of their hard work and dedication.
They have a roster of dedicated musicians and an impressive discography under their belt.
The festival is also working with Convicted Printing, a company that will be printing new merch designs created by Andik Godfinger.
Friday, 7th of april, 2023:
Gutcheck(GEORGIA), Shoot On Sight(SOUTH CAROLINA), Regions(NORTH CAROLINA), Autumn Lies Buried(TENNESSEE), Divisive(TENNESSEE), Omenkiller(GEORGIA), Violent End(SOUTH CAROLINA), Cleansing of the Temple(CAROLINAS), Until They Bleed(NORTH CAROLINA),nThe Guild(TENNESSEE), Detest The Throne(NORTH CAROLINA), DISARMER(TENNESSEE) and Fight From Within(NEW YORK).
Saturday, 8th of april, 2023:
Belvebuth(PENNSYLVANIA), WhatDrivesTheWeak(KENTUCKY), GOD OF NOTHING(VIRGINIA), Kingz & Thievez(OHIO), Homicyde(SOUTH CAROLINA), MAFIA(NORTH CAROLINA), Severed By Dawn(SOUTH CAROLINA), ODIUM ROT(FLORIDA), dreaded dale(KENTUCKY), Krypt(GEORGIA), Quiescent Mantis(TENNESEE), Abhorid(PENNSYLVANIA), Vile Revelation(MISSOURI) and The Order of Elijah(MISSOURI)

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