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German death metal band
will release album
‘Flesh for the Insatiable’

Living Disembowelment
Winds of Extinction
Crown of Discreation
Slaves to Decay
Bloody Guts
Dethroned Immortality
Voracious Persecutor
Putrid Infection
Feeding Fatal Fairies

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Florian – vocals
Jens – guitars
Eike – bass, backing vocals
Peter – drums
Karsten – guitars

First Rape, Still Sexy (2013)
Feasting on Your Perdition (2017)
Dethroned Immortality 7“ (2022)
Flesh for the Insatiable (2022)

With ‘Flesh for the Insatiable’, the Lower Saxons from Terrible Sickness release their third album, on which they present 11 blast beat hymns inspired by 90s US death metal.
Already with the predecessor, the guys managed to cause quite a stir in the German scene.
Several reviews with top marks were followed by extensive gigs and festival appearances, where the band was able to gain a steadily growing fan base.
During the recording of this longplayer, none other than Martin Matzak from the German old school death metal monsters Torchure did the honours and contributed someguest vocals to several songs.
As with their predecessor, the album was recorded and produced at Audiobeast Studio under the wing of Emil Richters, while Daniel Bartell once again contributed an impressive artwork.
On ‘Flesh for the Insatiable’, the quintet shows that extreme death metal from Germany deserves its own seal of approval and that blast beats and catchy riffing are not mutually exclusive.
This album is a monster, which finds its crowning conclusion with a cover version of Defleshed’s ‘Feeding Fatal Fairies’.
November the 18th 2022

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