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Canadian death metal band
will release album
‘Unearthly Will’

Album Artwork by Mark Erskine – Erskine Designs

Inquisition of the Possessed
Phantom Parallax
Ancient Grimoire
Inceptus Mysteria
Unearthly Will
As Above, So Bellow

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Reid Paraszczynec

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Tour Dates:
w/ Hooker Spit & Raising The Ruins
Aug 25, Vancouver, BC, Astoria
Aug 26, Kelowna, BC, Dunnezies Pizza
Aug 27, Kamloops, BC, Blue Grotto
w/ Kryotic
Aug 30, Edmonton, AB, Rendezvous pub
Aug 31, Calgary AB, Nvrland
w/ Cell and Krytotic
Sept 1, Saskatoon, SK, Black Cat Tavern
Sept 2, Regina, SK, The Exchange

Tour and Festivals:
2019 – Aggroculture fest – Crystal Springs, SK
2018 – Screamfest – Saskatoon, SK
2018 – Moments Festival – Siksika, AB
2018 – UFR Festival – Edmonton, AB
2017 – CEMR Festival – Calgary, AB

Augurium are (L-R):
Taylor MacDonald – drums
Logan Barlow – lead guitar
Yianni Pantelopoulos – vocals
Cejay Carnochan – rhythm guitar
Reid Paraszczynec – bass

Unearthly Will – LP – 2023
Unhallowed Ascendance – LP – 2018
Omen – EP – 2017

Cejay/Yianni – Augurium:
“This project has been an awesome journey and a welcome challenge to create over the past 2 years. All of our experiences have been absorbed and expressed within the walls of sound. As a tapestry is weaved together, each day as a thread towards the colossal effort that went towards this death metal release. We feel that this new album is a fresh take on what we have to offer to Canadian death metal. With slamming riffs in a variety of time signatures and genre-blending aspects, over a finely executed percussion and rhythm section. ‘Unearthly Will’ brings out our expression of old and new references within the world of heavy metal. We hope that our listeners enjoy this album for what it is, and perhaps join us when we perform in your area.”
It is a culmination of core ideas that remain consistent and brutal yet experimental.
It brings a dark musical aspect to lyrical themes of light and inner thought processes.
The album ‘Unearthly Will’ will be released on the 25th of august 2023.
‘Inquisition of the Possessed’
Musically: “This is by far our most complex piece on the album. It starts off very fast-paced and keeps that same momentum throughout the song. The band is firing off on all cylinders for this song.”
Lyrically: “Attempting to dispel misconceptions about religion, and to promote inner discernment.”
‘Phantom Parallax’
Musically: “This is a very rhythm-based song that calls back to the intro chord numerous times, we find this song also has the heaviest breakdown on the album. Straight-up filth.”
Lyrically: “Meditations on the possible connection between the living and the dead, and possession.”
Musically: “It was the first song we wrote when the idea of Augurium reforming came around. It’s got a blend of the older sound with the new sound and is the most distinct sounding on the album when it comes to our old style.”
Lyrically: “Themes of finding inner peace through self-actualization and connection to ancestral sources.”
‘Ancient Grimoire’
Musically: “This was the first time we’ve ever introduced any form of clean singing into Augurium. It offers a very haunting feel paired with a guttural monstrosity to make it a beautifully ugly offering.”
Lyrically: “A theme of finding synchronicities between books across a wide variety of authors and time periods in an abstract fashion.”
‘Inceptus Mysteria’
Musically: “This song is one of our more heavily orchestrated songs that has a very big black metal influence. It blends the newer style of orchestra and blackened riffs with the old-school chunky and tremolo-picked riffs.”
Lyrically: “So much beauty and knowledge can be found deep within the ocean, yet the human race can do nothing but destroy and harvest its riches.”
‘Unearthly Will’
Musically: “This song is one of the more melodic songs on the album. From the beginning through to the two solo sections it is filled with harmony and tremolo notes that go in sync with the orchestra.”
Lyrically: “Acceptance of the disconnection between myself and the hateful aspects of humanity to let assimilation with nature and the divine take its place.”
‘As Above… So Below’
Musically: “This song again brings back a mixture of our older and newer sounds. It speaks to many of our personal influences and is paired with some nasty riffs.”
Lyrically: “Themes of rebellion against corruption, and recognition of the current A.I. revolution.”
Musically: “One of our slower-paced songs that starts off with very dark ominous chords. The vocal lines paired with the orchestral bits create a very ominous dark atmosphere throughout the song.”
Lyrically: “Letting go of the past, to become the person meant to fulfill your true purpose.”
Canada’s Augurium was formed in the summer of 2015 by like-minded individuals who have a drive and a thirst for heavy, filthy riffs and low guttural screams.
Augurium quickly completed their line-up and played their first show supporting Evilheart (Mexico) and jumped into the studio to record their debut EP ‘Omen’ along with touring throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Their first full-length ‘Unhallowed Ascendance’ was unleashed in 2018 and was a stepping stone of straight-up brutal death metal for the band.
Evolving over the years, along with a new lineup, their sound has transformed now into a more refined, darkened, carefully crafted monstrous offering with their sophomore album ‘Unearthly Will’.
‘Unearthly Will’ was a challenging, yet rewarding one for Augurium.
All of the writing and recording was done remotely by each individual member at their homes (3 members in Saskatchewan – Regina, Saskatoon and 2 members in British Columbia).
Their independent technical knowledge and their constant communication with each other of the quintet made this project come to fruition naturally.
‘Unearthly Will’ is a fresh take on what Canadian death metal has to offer.
With slamming riffs in a variety of time signatures and genre-blending aspects, over a finely executed percussion and rhythm section.
“We were playing somewhere in Alberta during the summer of 2018 and it was after a gig, we were all starving and had one too many adult beverages and ended up spending $50 on single cheeseburgers and McDonald’s and when we woke up, we noticed we accidentally ‘borrowed without returning’ the serving tray. It ended up being a tour token and everyone who played on the tour signed it and it’s currently hanging up on the Augurium wall w/ an abundance of show posters and scrimp.”
“Augurium is the Latin translation for Omen which we titled our first studio effort.”
“Change your guitar strings. Nothing is more ’embarrassing’ than the FOH engineer/sound guy putting the jeopardy theme on while your bandmates try to make up some banter while you are rushing to change your broken string mid-set.”
For fans of Lorna Shore, Septicflesh, Belphegor, Decrepit Birth, Cannibal Corpse.

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