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Swedish death metal group
has released album

The Brotherhood
Imperial Conquistadors
Dark Symmetry
Legion (Necromutants)
Thus the First Corporate Wars Began
Defying the Dark
Millennium of Peace
The Rise of Cybertronic

Indii Hofvander – vocals
Rogga Johansson – guitars
Fredrik Petersson – bass

When the musical jack-of-all-trades Rogga Johansson (Furnace, Paganizer) gets ready to launch a new project, you can be sure that you are dealing with the very essence of Swedish death metal.
At least instrumentally, the heavy, dragging rhythms and catchy melodies are also the solid foundation of Astrophyte.
And yet, in this case, something is different:
With Indii Hofvander (Tristitia), who already contributed a guest appearance to a Johansson project on the Furnace album ‘Stellarum’, ‘2192’ is characterised by a haunting, almost pleading, female voice for large parts of the album – and thus contributes, along with Rogga’s typical growls, not insignificantly to the oppressively heavy overall atmosphere of the album.
‘2192’ is a suffocating album, characterised by the typical trademarks of Nordic death metal of the nineties, which also has a number of finesses in store.
The album follows a concept based on the role-playing game of the Mutant Chronicles World, for which bassist Fredrik Petersson is responsible and which paints a dystopian picture of a dark future.

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