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Swedish atmospheric black metal act
will release album

Cover artwork painted by Jord

Själens Död
The Fall
Vilddjurets Vrede

Recorded by Micke Andersson in Studio Soundport

Guest vocals from
Ken Romlin (Night Crowned)
and Erik Molarin (Dark, Beseech)

the album ‘Tundra’ will be released on 3rd of november 2023

Jord (Swedish for ‘Earth’) performs Swedish Atmospheric Black Metal with ear-catching melodies.
Jord is an atmospheric Black Metal band with Blackgaze and post rock influences founded in 2020 as a one-man project by Jurg.
Based in Sweden the inspiration came from northern nature, folk lore, mysticism, a man’s relation to this part of the earth and bands like Alcest, Enslaved, Anathema and Russian Circles.
Two albums were released by Northern Silence Productions, ‘Sol’ in 2021 and ‘Måne’ 2022.
Jord transformed into a trio in late 2022 and the new demo songs got attention from Hammerheart Records.
A few months later a full studio recording of the third album ‘Tundra’, in this new band setting, was done.
‘Tundra’ tells the stories about ancient gods, dark and terrifying beings from Swedish folk lore mixed with modern day power struggles.
There is a sand grain of truth to every story however old it may be.
Jord uses these old mythologies to give a hint about today’s problems with authorities, mind control and delusions.
But most importantly on how the elite will break and fall when they have pushed us too far.
For fans of:
Alcest, Falkenbach, Vintersorg, Katatonia, Anathema, Russian Circles

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