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Canadian punk black metal trio
will release album
‘Chaotic Wisdom’

artwork by Juha Vuorma

Mortal Rift
A Life of Evil
The Devil’s Connection
Chaos and Carnality
Aspect of Darkness
Infernal Might (feat. Mark Russell)

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All songs performed by Black Pestilence
All music written by Valax except ‘Aspect of Darkness’ by Daniel Toews
All lyrics written by Valax
Mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow

pic by Wikked Twist Media

Black Pestilence are:
Valax – bass, vocals, samples
Daniel Toews – guitar
Davey Hellfire – drums

The Devil’s Connection (single) – No Clean Singing:
“‘Crushing’ is indeed the first word that comes to mind when hearing the massive mauling tones of the riffs, like rock being excavated by some humongous machine. That machine drives forward with snapping punk beats, laced with a sinister yet glorious guitar melody. The music itself also becomes more vicious as the riffs start rapidly jabbing and then seething. But the music also channels darker and more despairing moods, before those two solos kick up the pulse and transform the music into an experience of evil ecstasy. The thing turns out to be a very catchy beast too.”
Decibel Magazine:
“A recent discovery that has tickled the excitement nerves in my jaded and encrusted ear drums is Calgary’s Black Pestilence. Their take on black metal incorporates old-school thrash and punk and if you listen closely you can hear the smatterings of plain ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and swaths of noise and is a sound that has been explored and nurtured since the band formed as a one-man project in 2008. The band’s handlers claim those fans of Toxic Holocaust, Impaled Nazarene, Municipal Waste, Midnight and Cradle of Filth unconcerned with genre boundaries will enjoy Black Pestilence and we have to say the nail has certainly been hit on the head in that regard. Additionally, fans of image and theatrics will find value in the band’s aesthetic which owes to a collision of black metal, goth rock and Judas Priest’s wardrobe and fashion sense.”
Metal Injection:
“’Hail the Flesh’ is a nice, quick, in and out style album. There’s no messing around, there’s no overly extended bridges or songs that overstay their welcome. This is a 9 track album that only spans 34 minutes of constant, hard hitting riffs, blasts, and downright aggressive and dominative vocals. Even the final track on the album, ‘Ephemeral’, which nearly reaches 7 minutes in play time feels fresh the whole way through.”
The Rockpit:
“an album that really has a surprisingly wide range within the black/thrash/punk style so if you love that sort of black and roll aggressive metal, then ‘Hail The Flesh’ will be an album for you.”
Heavy Music Headquarters:
“Calgary, Canada’s Black Pestilence bring a fresh take to the sound, though. ‘Hail The Flesh’, the band’s sixth full-length album is a blackened crossover punk-thrash album. It sounds old school, yet very 2000s at the same time…. Municipal Waste, Impaled Nazarene, Toxic Holocaust fans take notice.”
8/10 – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life:
“They really don’t have another gear beyond ‘top’ which makes for a splitting headache of heavy but one that satisfies. After all there are only 9 tracks and as ‘Godless’ spits and snarls, ‘Frauds to the Throne’ exudes filthy groove, ‘My Will to Power’ rages hard and ‘Ephemeral’ drags the suffering out, the over-riding thought is Black Pestilence have impressed.”
“Honestly, anyone with the remotest interest in Black ‘n’ Thrash, Black ’n’ Roll or even just plain old Thrash is going to love this album. It is a blisteringly addictive listen. The skilfully fluid ways that all these genres are melded is both brilliant and compelling as well as being lyrically inspiring.”
4/5 – The Independent Voice:
“First things first, it’s not every day you hear black metal as fun as this! That is partly because of the exciting thrash and not-so-serious punk influences, but also because the songwriting is very strong.”
4/5 – The Metal Crypt:
“dirty, punky Black/Thrash that occasionally makes feedback noises and consistently slaughters everything in its path.”
Ripple Music:
“’Hail The Flesh’ fast heavy hit the pit punch you in the throat speed death metal madness.”
4/5 – Deaf Sparrow:
“They can smash extremely well, and their blend of black metal aesthetic with punk attitude is a perfect fit”
Hellfire Magazin:
“a musical union of black / thrash & punk that just rock ROCK! I give 9 out of 10 Hellfire points”
Permafrost Today:
“Bringing a sonic assault to listeners…..”
The Killchain Blog:
“The infusion of punk attitude into black and thrash metal seems almost natural at times, but few carry it off with such a sense of melody and catchiness as Black Pestilence. Their heady mix of 80s skate thrash, punk attitude and a black metal sheen allows ‘Hail the Flesh’ to be an album that you’ll still be humming in 6 months time. Superb”
Zax Record Reviews:
“This album just fucking rocks, it’s an absolute blast. The riffs are raging, loud, and in your face, the bass lines are groovy and lighting fast. The evil screamed vocals talk of Satanism and giving into life’s many vices with no shame. This is complete with sweet black metal blastbeats galore. If you’re looking to cut loose with a kickass metal record, absolutely throw this on.”

Black Pestilence have shared the Stage with:
Soulfly, The Black Dahlia Murder, Toxic Holocaust, Wednesday 13, Skeletonwitch, Absu, Dayglo Abortions, Revenge, Wake

2023 – Chaotic Wisdom
2020 – Hail the Flesh
2018 – Urban Hell Rhythmics
2016 – Carry on the Black Flame (EP)
2015 – Outsiders
2014 – Cyber Disarray (Split)
2013 – In Defiance
2011 – Tradition is Obsolete
2009 – Vice

Tours and Festivals:
2022 – Pestilence and Pigs European Tour – Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany
2022 – War On Alberta – Edmonton, AB, Canada
2019 – Black Mourning Light Metal Festival – Edmonton, AB, Canada
2018 – Death Fest – 10 Year Anniversary – Bucharest, Romania
2018 – The Deep East of Europe Tour – Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria
2016 – Calgary Metal Fest – Calgary, AB, Canada
2016 – Eastern European Tour – Romania, North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia
2015 – Loud as Hell – Drumheller, AB, Canada
2011 – Noctis 4.20 – Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary’s Black Pestilence will release on the 8th of september, 2023, album ‘Chaotic Wisdom’.
Black Pestilence:
“We knew that following up ‘Hail the Flesh’ would be a tall order. Fortunately, we think we delivered on this album and the fans will get the same infectious sound this band is known for but with a different style of production. For ‘Chaotic Wisdom’ we unleashed seven Satanic d-beat anthems. It is the result of three years of writing and recording and is the pinnacle of the Black Pestilence catalog. Similar to previous releases, this album is fast, infectious, and straight to the point. However, experimentation with dissonant tones, industrial electronics, and auxiliary percussion was emphasized to a greater degree on this album. ‘Chaotic Wisdom’ is not a stylistic change from Black Pestilence, but represents an elevation to the next level of chaotic noise!”
‘Chaotic Wisdom’ is Satanic d-beat.
The music is formulated around typical punk rock song structures, while being projected through the playing style of black metal.
Greater emphasis was placed on the samples used on this album in the form of additional percussion and cacophonous electronics.
Many of the song lyrics touch base on various themes related to Satanic philosophy, societal stratification, and general debauchery.
Mortal Rift:
“Mortal Rift addresses the stratification within society. The weight of the arrogant will ultimately bring all of society down. This song begins with a quick samples-only intro which eventually leads into a d-beat sonic assault.”
A Life of Evil:
“A Life of Evil touches base upon the LaVeyan concept of non-conformity. Fear is the ultimate driver in order to overcome complacency. This song is exactly what you would expect to hear from Black Pestilence: fast, to the point, and catchy.”
The Devil’s Connection:
“The Devil’s Connection addresses the advantages of having an open mind. As esoteric as some scenarios might be, it will allow one to adapt to any situation. This song is slower and creates a darker atmosphere compared to many of the other songs on the album. It is also the only one to feature bass and guitar solos.”
Chaos and Carnality:
“Chaos and Carnality is a song which describes the lust for a particular lady who shares the same values of a rebellious nature. Sonically, this song is driven heavily by palm-muted guitars and auxiliary percussion.”
Aspect of Darkness:
“Aspect of Darkness focuses on the ironic progression of Christianity over the years. What once started as a vision of man has now taken on a life of its own. This is the only song written by Daniel Toews on the album. It features much more intricate instrumentation compared to the other songs.”
Infernal Might:
“Infernal Might reflects on the concept of a third side to all situations. It’s never one side or the other. There is always a third side. This song specifically addresses the obvious division we have seen in society in regards to a multitude of issues that have arisen in the last couple of years. It also features a guest vocalist, Mark Russell from Citizen Rage. Valax and Mark’s vocals offer a nice contrast throughout the song to give it the perfect vocal blend of black metal and punk rock.”
“Animus speaks about the idea that someone or something can be a motivating factor in order to achieve one’s own personal pinnacle. This is the longest song on the album and utilizes a plethora of electronic samples including modulated synths and auxiliary percussion.”
In the winter of 2008, Black Pestilence was formed in Calgary, Canada by bassist/vocalist Valax.
Initially, Black Pestilence started as a one-man studio project, but years afterward, it evolved into a three-piece band.
Over time, Black Pestilence has become known for their sound by combining black metal, punk rock, and noise.
To date, the band has released six full-length albums, two EPs, and performed in various parts of Canada and Europe.
“On the very last show of The Deep East of Europe Tour 2018, we played at an anarchist punk bar in Vienna. The show was running late and everything seemed a bit unorganized. Just before it was our turn to play, we went backstage and proceeded to get ready as usual. Once it was time for us to proceed to the stage we realized the door to the backstage only opened from the outside. We were stuck backstage! Additionally, we had no reception either in there so we couldn’t even call our tour manager. We were in there for at least an extra 20 minutes before the sound guy opened the door and told us not to close the door. Thankfully there were no complaints about the delay and the crowd was super excited about our set. Someone even brought their dog into the pit!”
“Somewhere in the middle of the 2018 European tour, Daniel (guitarist), got food poisoning. This also happened right at the time when we had some long overnight drives. I remember when we arrived at our next show in Suceava, he was as pale as a ghost and could barely keep his head up. Just before it was our turn to play, I told him that he didn’t need to play and we would just do a bass, drums, and vocals set. He was in no condition to play at all. But despite my offer, he picked his head up and said, ‘I didn’t fly across the world to cancel now.’ After which, he put on his mask and proceeded to the stage. Of course, he wasn’t energetic at all on stage that night, but he still played flawlessly.”
“In 2016 we toured Europe for the first time. It was done completely on our own with no managers or agency support, pure DIY. We had a few mishaps throughout the tour. On the second date of the tour, our vehicle was broken into. A bass, mask, and stage clothes were stolen. Fortunately, we were able to borrow a bass and make a cheap mask for the duration of the tour. It was definitely a learning experience. If the parking lot looks sketchy, it probably is!”
“During our 2016 tour of Europe, we were denied entry at the Croatian border. They gave us the run-around and simply tried to push us aside and made us wait in eternal limbo while they allowed other travelers entry into the country. After some deliberation, they decided to check our vehicle and claimed we were unable to enter because they thought we were going to sell our amps in the country. So we turned around and went back to the Serbian border and bribed a guard to hold our amps in his office. After this, the Croatian guards allowed us to enter the country. Once the show finished that night, we raced back to the Serbian border to grab our amps in hopes they didn’t sell them off. Fortunately, the amps were still there and all went as planned. Both of these mishaps are mentioned in our song, D.I.Y. 666.”

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