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American alternative rocker
has released single
‘Milky Way’

Cover Art: Jay Graham
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Rising artist Summon Luke (Luke Harris) unveils his latest single ‘Milky Way’, showcasing his unique ability to blend electronic industrial music with pop rock sensibilities.
With powerful lyrics and imaginative visuals, Summon Luke’s music defies genre boundaries and resonates with audiences on a deep level.
Originally written by a close friend, ‘Milky Way’ is transformed into an epic song with both fantastical and tragic lyrics, and features rich punk infused layers as the track progresses.
Summon Luke’s band members, Steven Bustos (drummer) and Mike Stokes (guitarist), add Coldplay/Sigor Rós-inspired drums and a ton of excitement to the guitar layers, breathing life into the project.
Speaking about the track, Luke shares:
“For me ‘Milky Way’ has always been experimental and abstract. It’s about the dynamics. Some parts of the song feel sparse, and others feel chaotic.”
The B-side track ‘No Shelter’ is also included in the new offering, and both songs from the single will be visualized in upcoming music videos, providing a truly immersive experience for listeners.
Summon Luke’s ‘Milky Way’ is a testament to the artist’s ability to create compelling music that pushes boundaries and resonates with audiences.
This single is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates bold, boundary-pushing music.

American alternative rocker
will release single
‘Hopeless Rebel Of Light’

Reminiscent of noughties prog-folk artists Grizzly Bear and Radiohead, Summon Luke splices hazy-eyed vocals and ambient electronica with the occasional rock heft of earlier prog pioneers to create his latest release, ‘Hopeless Rebel of Light’.
The track juxtaposes a sweet melody with haunting lyrics;
a lullaby of despair from a man who is tormented by a
“constant longing to actualise or stumble upon something great,”
explains Summon Luke.
A forward piano plink sets the scene for cascading vocals and a lush guitar, bass, drum and synth.
It’s loose and unhurried, but well worth the wait, as every beat and sound seems to tumble and land in the right place to create something that is, indeed, great.
Summon Luke:
“I write and record music because I have to; I find inspiration in strange places and will turn to writing songs even when I’m not trying to. The goal right now is to finish songs and allow them to have a fighting chance to be heard. Too often I’ve either not finished a song idea, or released a song and allowed it to get lost in the noise. For Summon Luke, I want to, not only release songs but, put my music in front of people for them to decide if they like it or not.”
‘Hopeless Rebel of Light’ will be released January 27th alongside a music video that reveals imagery of a medieval, lore-esque world.
It’s a playful hint at escapism, a feeling that one surely experiences when listening to Summon Luke’s supremely relaxing, yet emotionally heavy music.
Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Luke writes epic songs with both whimsical and tragic lyrics and creates visuals inspired by all things sci-fi/fantasy to accompany them.
Outside of music, the artist is a Software Developer and enjoys playing video games and watching movies.
He majored in Philosophy, a subject which is often questioned in his songs as he explores themes of morality and religion.

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