UK Indie-Rock band SKELEPHANT
have released EP

No Time To Waste

Katri Snellman – vocals
Jani Loikkanen – guitar
Sirja Ojaniemi – guitar
Kalle Raatikainen – bass
Tommi Vante – drums

UK Indie-Rock band Skelephant have released brand new EP ‘Ivory’.
Full of future classics this 6-track mini album showcases the young bands diverse sounds and accomplished musicianship.
There are tracks and riffs to be found that wouldn’t be out of place on a Pink Floyd album.
Focus track ‘Ash’ shows the heavier side to the band and has been a firm favourite at their energetic live shows.
The track was mostly written by drummer Callum
and is an ode to the desert and stoner rock that the they all share a love for, fleshed out with some more heavy metal tones and vocals inspired by Josh Homme.
Lyrically say the band:
‘Ash is about when two people love each other very much… It is fuck. It is just another night spent in bad company, adjusting to ones new, decrepit life, and learning to love it. It is about letting go; taking your hands off the wheel, putting the pedal down, and closing your eyes. What could go wrong?’
This four piece rock band originally began with brothers Isaac and Aidan Howell performing as a duo in June of 2019.
The band evolved and grew to include old schoolmates Callum and Will by the end of the year.
Heavily inspired by the classic guitar music of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix, as well as later bands such as the Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age, Skelephant have been writing and performing music that effortlessly combines classic influences with more modern indie
and alternative sounds since they began.

Spread out across the length and breadth of the UK, with members now relocating from their native St Albans to Bristol and Manchester, Skelephant are taking every opportunity to get their music heard live throughout the live scene in their new cities.
With rave reviews of their live shows and previous releases the young band has been played on BBC Introducing, appeared on JuiceBox Live TV and had consistent support from ILRs worldwide.
The release of this EP will surely cement them
as one of the most exciting and musically gifted bands of their generation.
Lee Grote, Music Journalist:
‘One thing is for sure Skelephant are on our ‘must-see’ list.’
Vandalism Begins At Home:
‘Skelephant are the heirs and they have arrived to be crowned’

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