have released single
“Fade to grey”
from album “Gone With The Flow”

“Fade To Grey” is a song from Para Lia’s album “Gone With The Flow”, an album which thematically is all about the interplay between artist and muse, art and passion, light and dark.
While Para Lia delivered with the former released single “My Muse” an ode to the muse, they have a look at the dark side with “Fade To Grey”.
What if the muse disappears?
The lover?
The beloved one?
This track contemplates the loss.
What is left?
What inspiration does the writer gain?
And what about the lover?
What saves them from disappearing into a black hole?
Here we have a dark love song, sung from the point of loss.
Some words about the video :
The mystery and the majestic flow of the river Elbe, a snowy landscape, proud buzzards and kites and the magic of a cold, grey, quiet winter day – those are the ingredients for the video to the dark love song ‘Fade To Grey’.
No “story” – but repetitions, no high-definition footages – but atmosphere.
Just to capture the spirit of the song.

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