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American indie rock band
has released single
‘The Key’

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Orange Creek Riders’ New Single ‘The Key’ Out Now:
A Darkwave Dance Throwback with a Twist.
Orlando, Florida – Indie rock band Orange Creek Riders (OCR) has just released their latest single ‘The Key’, a danceable new wave throwback with a dark twist.
Drawing inspiration from The Cure, U2 and The Church, ‘The Key’ is a perfect blend of alternative, new wave and dance music, reflecting the band’s diverse influences.
‘The Key’ is a retro darkwave song that tells a tale of love with a haunting melody.
The track features the band’s signature sound and showcases their ability to deliver a memorable experience.
The single is a part of the band’s upcoming album ‘The Key Singles’ which also includes ‘Into Oblivion’ a song about the Ukraine War.
Orange Creek Riders comprises singer, guitarist and songwriter Darren Soto, harmonica and keyboard player Darren Vierday, bassist Jeff Jordan and drummer Jeff Sudbury.
Soto is a US Congressman representing Central Florida and is known for his advocacy of environmental, space and technology issues.
His passion for music is evident in this latest single, which is sure to please fans of the band.
Talking about the inspiration behind ‘The Key’, Soto said:
“We wanted to create a darkwave dance track that reflects the emotions of falling in love with someone, while maintaining an edge that the band is known for.”
With ‘The Key’, Orange Creek Riders continue to push boundaries with their unique sound and style.

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