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British rocker
returns with single/video

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British rock instrumentalist Michael Alan announces news of his latest video single release for the soulful guitar ballad ‘Butterfly’.
Michael Alan:
“‘Butterfly’ weaves in and out of stylistic leanings towards progressive rock, blues and jazz. Simplicity, tone and melodic guitar lines drive the intended theme of the hope and wonderment of new beginnings. Expressing emotions through melodies is the focal point for the Leeds (UK) based guitarist and this vision entirely shapes the compositional characteristics of his ‘Calling’ debut album.”
Drawing inspiration from greats such as Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Dave Gilmour and many more key influences, Michael Alan strives for his guitar work to have ‘feel’ and ’emotion’.
The video single for ‘Butterfly’ features contemporary ballet performances from UK dancer Leah Evans.
Debut album ‘Calling’ is available on digital & CD format via Sliptrick Records.

British rocker
has released single/video
‘In The Name Of’

to watch the video-clip ‘In The Name Of’, please click play…

‘In The Name Of’ from Leeds (UK) melodic rock/blues inspired instrumentalist Michael Alan is taken from his debut album ‘Calling’ released in March 2023 via indie label Sliptrick Records.
This track is a guitar ballad very much in the vein of Gary Moore and oozing a little bit of drama.
Michael Alan (born Michael Alan Kremastoules) is a Leeds (UK) based guitarist, songwriter and producer with over 30 years stage and studio experience.
Having served his time as lead guitarist in 80’s hard rock outfit ‘Ded Ringer’ (Neat Records) Michael went on to tour and record with many blues and rock acts across the UK, whilst also establishing himself a career in acting.
Michael’s ‘all instrumental’ debut album was written during the Covid lockdowns of 2020.
An inspiring time that allowed Michael to express feelings and emotions through music and not words.
‘Calling’ is a collection of 12 compositions that reflects his love of blues, classic rock, progressive rock and metal.
His approach to guitar playing is soulful and melodic and embedded with feel.
Evident in his guitar work are influential touches of the greats such as Gary Moore, Carlos Santana, Dave Gilmour, Jimmy Page and may more innovators.

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