British alt rock group ROGUE AWAKENING
will release new single

South Coast based Alt rock band Rogue Awakening will release their second single ‘Overshadowed’ on the 23rd of september.
The band, fronted by the enigmatic Kimberley Voice, are excited to share this much heavier version of themselves with the world.
rogue awakening about the song:
”Overshadowed’ is about the contradiction between the confident person you present to the world versus the saboteur in your mind. It’s ultimately about an unhealthy relationship with yourself and how that impacts on those around you. It also touches on the trials of being an over thinker and how that can affect your headspace.’
The band play Music In The City Festival in Southampton on September 24th with more shows to be announced over the coming weeks.
Rogue Awakening are a female fronted hard/alternative rock band from Horsham formed in early 2022.
Their sound is essentially ‘heavy but melodic’,
with crunchy, thick guitar riffs and soaring, clean vocals.
Lead singer Kimberley heads up the band with her breathtaking voice and songwriting talents.
Her previous band Damn Dirty Humans received great critical acclaim, touring with the Human League, The Start and Monarchy.
The band unites lots of different musical backgrounds and tastes from Indie to Death metal.
When fused together this creates a melting pot of fast flowing bass riffs, shredding guitars, hammering drums and powerful vocal hooks with a symphonic edge.
The band have worked hard with the lyrical crafting of their songs and want the listener’s personal experience to shape the message they take away from them.


American rocker
will release on May 27th single
‘Could Have Told You That’

Matthew on the song:
‘This is an anthem for the dating app era. Or at least it’s an anthem for my experience – wanting romantic connection but also feeling like there is so much of me I’m still figuring out.
I think a lot of people feel the same way and so we all get it. But it’s also still frustrating and painful trying to connect to someone who is at a different place in working things out for themself’
Matthew Torres writes emotionally moving and intimate music that ranges from folk to wistful pop to modern indie and captivates audiences into a journey of reflection,
exploring our relationship with others and our relationship with ourselves.
Matthew Torres returns at the end of May with a brand new single ‘Could Have Told You That’.
The anthemic indie offering gives an edge to melodic storytelling, channeling a similar energy to fellow Californian musicians Weezer.
The release of ‘Could Have Told You That’ follows on from his 2021 release ‘Ills Descent’,
which has already accumulated over 150,000 streams on Spotify.
Born in Modesto, California, Matthew Torres currently works as a licensed psychotherapist,
a career which he is extremely passionate about.
A creative at heart, Matthew also writes screenplays for horror shorts.
In the future, Matthew hopes to see a world that moves towards more equity, inclusion, acceptance and celebration, a message he also wants to convey through his music.

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