mark cross

Mark is a known English/German rock drummer who has worked, toured and recorded with the many greats such as German Metal legends Metalium and Helloween, Kingdom Come, nwobhm legends Tank, Firewind, The Scorpions, Hardline, Tainted Nation and Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel to name a few.
Mark is still a busy drummer live and in the Studio.
It is no secret that he has wide knowledge when it comes to rock music, may it be classic rock, metal and progressive, and the uprising of the British rock nwobhm scene in the 80´s.
Drumming and producing also led to DJ´ing sometimes and having a few pints with friends, Netflix can be very boring!
Mark added:
“… presenter, radio show, dj….. haven´t done that before. Why not! I´ve known Fok for many years to be honest and we´ve been talking about it for some time. Well, here we are…Friday is “MC´s Rock Show´s” time, get a few cold beers and a Pizza, impress yer lady and let´s bang some heads! Loads of good stuff to play, no, not the mainstream stuff, if you know what I mean…. There are way too many good songs being left out!”

shows with mark cross

the mark cross show futuring classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, NWOBHM

at around 18:00 (japanese standard time)

(02:00 los angeles – 04:00 mexico city – 05:00 new york – 10:00 london – 11:00 berlin – 12:00 athens

– 18:00 tokyo – 20:00 sydney)

at around 19:00 (central european time)

(10:00 los angeles – 12:00 mexico city – 13:00 new york – 18:00 london –19:00 berlin – 20:00 athens

– 02:00/sat tokyo – 04:00/sat sydney)

at around 21:00 (eastern standard time)

(18:00 los angeles – 20:00 mexico city – 21:00 new york –

02:00/sat london – 03:00/sat berlin – 04:00/sat athens – 10:00/sat tokyo – 12:00/sat sydney)

Mark Cross
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