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MÄHÄLIUM will release on
Sunday the 28th of November 2021
their Single ‘Håll Bara Käft’

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Mähälium started up as a trio by Rka, Tholle, and Daniel in the autumn of 1998 and dropped dead in the spring of 2001.
During these hectic years, the band managed to recruit a guitarist Simon who later dropped out and was replaced by Arvid, playing at a damn lot of more or less suspicious arrangements, and also managed to release 3 demo cassettes, 1 ep, 1 CDs and participate in a number of collections.
After this, it was pretty quiet about the band for quite exactly 15 years.
But with a new recruited drummer Bobban, the band was suddenly on stage again, a gig that gave a promise of more to come and in May 2017, the band’s first full-length album ‘När verkligheten golvar dig’ was released digitally.
And now it’s time again.
A few years have passed and the old men in Mähälium have become even more old and grumpy, the hard chords have become a little harder and the sing-along melodies have become sing-along able.
On C33 tapes, the 1st advent 2021 the cassette ‘Avd C4’ is released, which is also released digitally.

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