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Global hard rock project
released single/video
‘Stop This War’

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Lola’s NewFangled Rockers presents the single ‘Stop This War’.
Lola’s NewFangled Rockers is a band of musicians that all grew up in different parts of the world.
They write, play, produce, and mix the songs themselves from their remote locations.
They do this with real performances that each musician performs and records and send to their Mixmaster (their drummer Kike) in South America.
The group highly values the unique individual style(s) and experiences each brings from different parts of the globe.
They have become friends from different cultures and regions of the world who have the common goals of producing butt kicking music, and at the same time, show the world that we can all work together to produce something beautiful, and promote peace and harmony.
This is a tight knit group playing mostly classic hard rock based and alternative styles.
They are seasoned higher level players.
Requirements to audition for the group were studio level abilities, and creativity.

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