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LiveKill are:
Kevin Gallagher – live drums
Erik Lissabet – bass
Napalm – lead guitar
James Rodin Hawkins – vocals
John Snell – rhythm guitar

On June 23rd, 2023, LiveKill is releasing a new single and video titled ‘Vengeance’ with more singles and media to follow in the coming months.
The full album titled ‘Evil Ecstasy’ is currently slated for a Fall/Winter 2023 release.
‘Evil Ecstasy’ is a high energy LP with 8 distinct songs designed to engage the listener and move the crowd at live events.
The band has been working on this album for the last 3 years, through COVID times and various setbacks, LiveKill is finally in position to unleash their creation on eager ears everywhere, starting with a banger’s anthem in ‘Vengeance’.
Based out of Fort Lauderdale, LiveKill aims to help evolve the legendary Florida metal scene with a new approach to pre-production and arrangement.
Enlisting Kevin Talley (Dååth, Chimaira, and Suffocation) to write and record drums, and tapping Alastair Sims (RUSH, Three Days Grace) of MOTTO Sound at Villa Studios for mixing and mastering.
Continuing with the intensity, passion, and professionalism that LiveKill is known for, they employed the creative talents of James Hawkins who has worked as an artist in the tattoo industry for over 30 years.
James worked over a period of two months to capture the idea of what ‘Vengeance’ represents for the single artwork.
This is the first single ‘Vengeance’ from the upcoming album ‘Evil Ecstasy’.
Music video produced and filmed by Roberto Badillo, opening scene by Thomas Crane of killDevil Films LiveKill is a high-energy powerhouse from South Florida.
They aim to help evolve the legendary Florida metal scene with new approach to pre-production and arrangement.
Built upon intensity, passion and professionalism, LiveKill is set to make a heavy impact on the metal world in 2023 with their soon to be released full length album, ‘Evil Ecstasy’.
For fans of Daath, Chimaira, Slipknot, Dying Fetus and other groovy modern death metal sounds…

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