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Finnish melodic rock/metal band
released their second album

Cover art by Markus Koskinen

Repaired in gold (intro)
Dead tree
Long way till monday
Always there
Limits of life
Dawn of the night
Back to life
Dark soul woman

Mixing by SN-Audio Productions, Sami Niittykoski
Mastering by Alho Audio Mastering, Jarno Alho

pic by Markus Koskinen

‘Kintsugi’ (golden joinery) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.
Japanese aesthetics value the wear marks of the object caused by its use and the repairs are highlighted as an art rather than trying to mask them.
As a philosophy, kintsugi is embracing the flaws or imperfections as part of the natural life cycle of the objects.
LILLI has been respecting the same philosophy when working on their second album.
The songs are real life stories of broken lives joined from pieces to an album.
The songs exude life with all its challenges and ups and downs.
None of us survives life without physical or mental dents, but we have to learn to appreciate them in the sense of a person’s spiritual growth.
The group’s debut album was released in 2020, so the band had time to work on the second album for almost two years.
Careful maturation has not been in vain, as the end result is a tasteful, high-quality package.
The album contains massive arrangements and captivating stories.
The songs move musically on the borders of rock and metal music, which creates a pleasant surprise in the content of the album and carries the album brilliantly from the beginning intro to the last song.
As a whole, the album’s music is clearly more heavy in style than the band’s debut album, but definitely in a good way.
“We are very satisfied with our new album and during the production process we had the opportunity to work with several highly talented keyboard players, such as Akseli Kaasalainen (Dreamtale), Mikko Kujanpää (Memoremains), Antti Simonen (…and Oceans) ja Marko Karttunen. The visitors bring their own stylish fingerprint to the whole, which brought new drive and musical depth to the songs,”
says the band’s bassist and studio chief Sami Halinen.
“Some of the stories on the album are quite brutal human destinies, such as the long journey from Friday to Monday caused by loneliness, or the hard work of the nurses and doctors, especially during the last covid years”,
the band’s singer Lily Black continues.

Finnish melodic rock/metal band
released third single
from upcoming second album

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Finnish melodic rock/metal band LILLI released the third single from the upcoming second album on Thursday 12th of May.
The song titled ‘Elude’ is a heavy sounding but still wistful story of giving one’s all but still to be left with nothing.
‘Elude’ following the two earlier single releases (‘Limits of Life’ and ‘Manflake’) continues the musical development leaning towards heavier sounds compared to the band’s first album ‘Awful Hits for Women’ (2020).
“The lyrics are about trial and error in a relationship, about giving all you got to someone but still just not being enough. Eventually one is forced to give up and let go, but still the doubt remains: ‘did I try hard enough or could I have given it more effort?'”
the vocalist Lily Black sums up.
“‘Elude’ differs from other our songs because the basic structure was created almost two years ago but the finishing took time. The chorus especially took a lot of work and we ground it to the point of tiring. We put the song on the shelf for a while and got back to working on it in the beginning of 2022 as we were working on the second album. Suddenly it all just clicked and the released version also includes a synthesizer bringing wideness to the sound. The song is very nice to play and as an upbeat song it works great in live shows as well”
Teemu Harjunen (guitar) and Sami Halinen (bass) comment on the song.
The song has been recorded in the group’s bassist Sami Halinen’s home studio in Nakkila
Mixing was done by Sami Niittykoski (SN-Audio Production) and mastering Alho Audio Mastering.
LILLI is a melodic rock and metal playing band founded in February 2019 from Pori, Finland.

Finnish rock band
has released single

pic by Markus Koskinen

Lilli are:
Lily Black – vocals
Teemu Harjunen – guitar
Sami Halinen – bass
Akseli Kaasalainen – keyboards
Petteri Rosenbom – drums

Finnish rock band LILLI has released their second single ‘Manflake’ from their upcoming second album.
The previous single ‘Limits of Life’ gave some tasters of the bands refreshed musical direction and this new single creates a continuum towards the second album’s more energetic and heavier punch.
“‘Manflake’ leans towards the more traditional hard rock recipe added with a hefty handful of rage from punk. As a fusion of these two the new single is at the same time fiercely stand taking and fist raising rumble”,
tells the band’s bassist and chief studio officer Sami Halinen.
“With ‘Manflake’, we have pushed to increase the quality of our sound without forgetting the rough edge coming from punk. All this is served to the listener as an efficient 3 and a half-minute package.”,
Halinen continues.
The band Vocalist Lily Black opens the background of the lyrics:
“‘Manflake’ is pointed at people who are offended about other people not tolerating their unsolicited opinions and bad behavior. It encourages you to be brave and live your life the way you are without minding the opinions of people who live in the past and think that everything was better then.”

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