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American metal artist
(feat. Colm R. McGuinness)
has released single/video
‘Fight The Tide’

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The YouTube star JONATHAN YOUNG has released a new, stunning single entitled ‘Fight The Tide’.
The song, featuring Colm R. McGuinness, invites you to board a vessel, with a stormy ocean that is nothing but the representation of life’s difficulties.
What we have to do is find the strength within ourselves and ‘fight the tide’.
Jonathan Young stated about the song:
“’Fight the Tide’ is a heroic folk rock anthem about resisting the pressure of the world around you to do what’s right, and become stronger – I recruited my dear friend Colm McGuinness straight out of Ireland to lend all of his fantasy folk music expertise to give this song an edge that makes you feel like an epic hero! I’m really excited for people to hear this one.”
Jonathan Young is a new breed of musician.
Taking the internet by storm since 2014 with his dark & deep ‘villain’ voice – writing, producing & playing every instrument himself, and leading a new generation into a fantasy world of epic & cinematic heavy metal – one viral video at a time.
While rising to self-made success online, Jonathan flexed his writing & production muscles with the release of Starship Velociraptor in 2021 – an 11-song heavy metal fantasy space opera that fans embraced as a tour-de-force of his creativity.
Attracting the attention of Grammy winning producer Howard Benson & record breaking songwriter & drummer Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, Jonathan Young now co-produces music alongside them as a member of their world-renowned production team at Judge & Jury Records – including his upcoming original album, ‘Children of Night’ – with the singles currently being released.
Acting as a one-man band, Colm R. McGuinness is a multi-talented musician with the vocal range of a master.
He is a violinist, cello player, singer and YouTuber.
Colm’s work prior to shanties were orchestral remixes of famous songs, lending credence to his knowledge of instruments and powerful voice.
He also produced Lo-Fi tracks and has composed music for film, tv, and video games.

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