last show with nadia


Danger Danger – Slipped Her The Big One
Van Stephenson – What The Big Girls Do
The Storm – You’re Gonna Miss Me
John Parr – Treat Me Like An Animal
TNT – Intuition
Ten – The Torch
Van Zant – You’ve Got To Believe In Love
Bad Company – Fearless
Firehouse – Oughta be a law
Y&T – Face Like An Angel
Newman – If It’s Love
The Magnificent – Satin & Lace
Joe Lamont – One Rumour Too Many
Foreigner – Reaction To Action
Joe Lynn Turner – 05. Rescue You
Nestor – These days
White Widdow – Too many tears
Unruly Child – When Love Is Gone
Newman – Ain’t Gonna Cry Forever
Stage Dolls – Mystery
Takara – First Attraction
TNT – Tonight I’m Falling
Shy – Devil Woman
Danger danger – Goin’ goin’ gone
Slaughter – Move ToThe Music
Baton Rouge – The Price Of Love
Treat – World of Promises
SKULL FIST – Commit To Rock
Newman – You Should Be Gone
Van Zant – Heart To The Flame
White Widdow – Born to be a rebel
Slaughter – Real Love