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German rockers
will release new album
‘Ein letzter Abend’

Die Leere in mir
Lieber allein
Es ist okay
Ein letzter Abend
Wie weit

pic by ​Yuri Cernovolov

Herbst will release album ‘Ein letzter Abend’ on September 16, 2022, via Träumer & Helden (Edel / Kontor New Media).
Mastering enginers were Sebastian Braunreuther and Hannes Kelch.
Sebastian and Hannes also mixed and produced this album.
The lyrics for ‘Genug’, ‘Es Ist Ok’, ‘Ein Letzter Abend’ and ‘Scheinwerferlicht’ were written by Oliver Klimpel.
For the lyrics of ‘Märchenschloss’, ‘Verloren’ and ‘Egal’ responsible were Oliver Klimpel and Hannes Kelch.
The lyrics for ‘Die Leere In Mir’ was co-written by Oliver Klimpel and Sebastian Braunreuther.
Finally responsible for the lyrics of ‘Lieber Allein’ and ‘Wie Weit’ was Hannes Kkelch.
Main composer of ‘Ein Letzter Abend’ was Oliver Klimpel, but with help from Matthias Engst, Ramin Tehrani, Hannes Kelch, Samuel Neuwirther and Pascal Matheja.

German rockers HERBST
launch new single/video

to watch the video-clip ‘Märchenschloss’, please click play…

‘Schöne neue Sommer Tour’
Support: HERBST
08.06.22 Zürich, Exil
09.06.22 München, Backstage (neue Venue!)
12.06.22 Frankfurt, Das Bett
16.06.22 Bochum, Zeche
17.06.22 Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
18.06.22 Köln, Essigfabrik (neue Venue!)
19.06.22 Münster, Sputnikhalle (zusätzliche Show!)
23.06.22 Hannover, Faust
24.06.22 Rostock, M.A.U. Club (zusätzliche Show!)
26.06.22 Nürnberg, Z-Bau (zusätzliche Show!)
29.06.22 Bremen, Tower (zusätzliche Show!)
30.06.22 Berlin, Kesselhaus
01.07.22 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich (neue Venue!)
07.07.22 Leipzig, Werk 2 (neue Venue!)
08.07.22 Trier, Mergener Hof (zusätzliche Show!)
HERBST – Sommerfestivals 2022
02.-03.09.22 Pell-Mell Festival, Obererbach

With their new single, ‘Märchenschloss’, HERBST delivers their latest creative outburst and underlines their feeling for catchy rock songs.
Looking ahead across their recent band history, HERBST consistently contribute distinct messages along with their music.
“In this song, I guess we’re making a statement where we’re playing with the emotions of our roots in a frank way,”
singer Olli comments on the brand new release.
“Presenting ourselves in a world of conformists, simply being as non-conformist as that, is owed to our perception or experience when we were young and how we can be at home in a pub around the corner – simply partying the way we feel like it until escalation.”
The video clip tells the story of an eccentric guy looking for a break from everyday life with his homies in the pub or at the gas station –
to unwind, surrounded by his pals.
Just to be free and unassailable.
“Everyone occasionally goes wild occasionally,”
laughs Olli,
“but that’s also what brings people together. You meet the badass guys, folks just coming off the sidelines of soccer, long-haired rockers, tattooed girls, the big spender, or just the white-collar guy. Nothing matters here. Anyone is a god in this place. They all just don’t want to be lonely and want to celebrate life with each other. This is our fairytale palace.”
HERBST will also embark on their extended tour with ENGST and play several concerts in Germany.
“We are so excited… us, the guys from ENGST and all the fans have been waiting for this tour for so long! So come over, let’s sing together and raise our glasses to replenish the joy of life – particularly during these times!”
‘Märchenschloss’ gives a first taster of the upcoming HERBST album and is now available.
The album ‘Ein letzter Abend’ will be released on September 16, 2022, via Träumer & Helden (Edel / Kontor New Media).
In addition to the songs from the current EP ‘Zwanzigtausend Meilen’, you will surely experience many songs from the upcoming album live on the tour.

EP ‘Zwanzigtausend Meilen’
is out now

to watch the video-clip ‘Noch Nicht Zu Spät’, please click play…

The name Herbst is simply part of the agenda, as the sound of the four Berlin musicians is heavy, raw, and deep.
Herbst already made it clear with their latest single ‘Dieses Haus’ that we are never alone.
In any situation in life, it requires a pillar that takes us by the hand and gives us strength.
The German lyrics of Herbst tell unadorned from the life of the musicians and feel so authentic that we can recognize ourselves in it.
With the fourth single ‘Noch Nicht Zu Spät’ the guys from Herbst show their emotional and vulnerable side without losing the pressure in their sound.
The catchy song is packed into an honest story based on the personal experiences of singer Oliver Weckert.
“The song picks up on the separation phase between two partners or friends,”
Olli from HERBST states.
“You can lose yourself in life, but still reach out to each other again after some time, despite disappointment and pain.”
About the video shooting Olli comments:
“The shooting started last year in the middle of the pandemic. It was emotional and beautiful to still have something hopeful connected into the story.”
Manager and videographer Matthias Engst, who also shot the video, commented on the shoot and song as follows:
“I have rarely experienced such emotionality and honesty in the performance of an artist as I have seen in this shoot with Oliver. Since we’ve been friends for years and I know the background of writing this song, it touched me personally as well and I’m proud to be a part of this project.”
Herbst will be supporting the band ENGST on their German tour.
The ‘Schöne neue Sommer’ 2022 tour will kick off on June 8.
The tour takes Herbst to nationwide venues for the first time.

HERBST have released
their new Single
‘Besser Ohne Dich’

to watch the video-clip ‘Besser Ohne Dich’, please click play…

»Schöne neue Welt Tour 2022«
Support: HERBST

18.02.22 München
19.02.22 Stuttgart
20.02.22 CH-Zürich
24.02.22 Berlin
25.02.22 Leipzig
26.02.22 Hamburg
27.02.22 Hannover
03.03.22 Bochum
04.03.22 Frankfurt
05.03.22 Köln

Rock band HERBST release new single/video ‘Besser ohne dich’ feat. Matthias Engst and announce their first tour for the coming year!
“The song tackles freedom of expression,”
explains Olli from Herbst.
“Out of fear of isolation, many are anxious not to offend anyone or to express their personal opinion. There is always an admonisher for each and everything and pointing fingers.”
By merging opinions and topics, everyone has similar experiences in social media today.
In the music video, this emotion is exaggerated because
“sometimes it just feels like we want to punch such hate speech people in the face for this unsolicited advising,”
comments the band.
“Maybe there’s something like being healed through pain?”
laughs frontman Olli, who plays that role in the corresponding video clip for ‘Besser ohne dich’.
HERBST will support the band ENGST as support on their Germany tour.
The ENGST ‘Brave New World Tour 2022’ begins on February 18, 2022 in Munich.
The tour will be for HERBST first time through ten clubs nationwide.
Olli von Herbst said on Instagram:
“We are overjoyed that ENGST are taking us on the road! This is a great opportunity for autumn, the people of our EP and first tracks from the upcoming album to play. Come by, tear down the clubs with us and Engst – we’re really looking forward to a beer with you to drink together!”
At Herbst the name says it all, because the sound of the four Berlin musicians is hard, rough and dark.
Herbst already made it clear with their current single ‘Das Haus’ that we are never alone.
It needs in every situation in life a support that takes us by the hand and gives us strength.
The German texts from Herbst tell unadorned from the life of the musician and feel so authentic that you can feel yourself in it.
Herbst will be their first EP on the new label Träumer & Helden in February 2022.

releazed on 1st of October
their new single/video
‘Dieses Haus’

to watch the video-clip ‘Dieses haus’, please click play…

Matthias Engst (ENGST) reveals himself here as a co-songwriter and a video producer of his new favorite project.
The name Herbst is part of the agenda because the sound of the four musicians from Berlin is hard, rough, and gloomy.
Herbst makes a clear statement with their second single ‘Dieses Haus’ and emphasizes that we are never alone.
Every situation in life requires a pillar of support that reaches out to us and gives us strength.
Their lyrics tell unadorned stories from the musicians’ everyday lives and feel so authentic that you can find yourself in them.
The band Herbst comments on ‘Dieses Haus’ (This House):
“The song is about an oppressive and bone-chilling experience of a childhood of a long-time friend. In that respect, this song had been waiting to be revealed for a long time.”
“These emotionally incisive episodes are transported by the once young lad who dramatically experienced ignorance, strictness and cruelty, violence, and merely unilateral love in his parental home, subsequently transporting these patterns of behavior exemplified to him into his own family life. In the end, and with the realization of being no better than his ‘role models’, he dies in mental and physical loneliness.”
The gripping music video, produced by Matthias Engst (ENGST), captures these embodied experiences in a stirring way,
“which is why it touched us so powerfully during the making of the video. We hope that it creates much more awareness that difficult family relationships, domestic and psychological violence, are unfortunately not always just an exception,”
Herbst takes a strong voice here on this topic, which is sadly more relevant than often known.
Domestic violence comes in many forms, like everything else, and begins insidiously.
In most cases, those affected only talk to people they trust in their social environment, and it is crucial that the environment supports and reacts.
Recognizing early signs and warning signals is perhaps even more important now than ever before.
Especially at a time when couples, families, and children are isolated at home and stress, and aggression accumulates – because one-third of such freak-outs end deadly.
Helpline-networks support affected people and their environment, help to take the perpetrators or perpetratresses in the responsibility, protect the victims, and support the perspective on a life without violence.

‘Zwanzigtausend Meilen’
new single out
on 30th of july 2021

to watch the video-clip ‘Zwanzigtausend meilen’, please click play…
pic by ​Yuri Cernovolov

Herbst are:
Olli Weckert – vocals
Mark Rötz – bass, vocals
Rilo Messer – guitar
Steffen Böhm – drums

The time has finally come, Herbst from Berlin release their debut single ‘Zwanzigtausend Meilen’.
The name Herbst is literally part of the agenda because the sound of the four Berlin musicians is hard, rough, and gloomy.
Herbst emphasizes on their debut single that we are never alone.
Every situation in life requires a pillar of support that reaches out to us and gives us strength.
Their lyrics tell unadorned stories from the musicians’ everyday lives and feel so authentic that you can find yourself in them.
Matthias Engst (ENGST) reveals himself here as a co-songwriter as well as a video producer of his new favorite project.
Herbst singer Olli comments on the first single and the songwriting:
“’Zwanzigtausend Meilen’ (Twenty thousand Miles) was co-written by my friend Engst and me. We wanted a song that appeals to many and in whose lyrics we see and recognize ourselves. All of us have our troubles, we have too much from the day-to-day routine and search for our places of refuge…, these can be quiet places like here under the surface of the sea, at the bed of the sea, where you can regain your composure and reset yourself.”
“Matze shot the videos. He is an absolute movie enthusiast and always has great ideas and then gets us on board so we can incorporate our ideas,”
the band adds about the making of the video.
Matthias Engst comments about Herbst:
“The position of a manager was always unthinkable for me as an artist until the current time, because I am fully involved with my own projects in the field of videography or the very work on my own band ENGST. But when Herbst frontman Olli decided to start a serious musical project again, I was on fire from the beginning and offered my help out of years of friendship. After I realized how intensively and passionately the rest of the band was working on Herbst’s progression, my interest was directly increased and I could imagine a permanent collaboration. Over time, my friendship with the other Herbst musicians has also grown considerably, and working on songs, strategies, and concepts together with the band is simply unbelievable fun for me. The straightforward and easy-going nature of the guys, as well as their willingness to put themselves unconditionally into the band’s work, reminded me of the energy of Engst and boosted my motivation even more. Similar to Engst, Herbst perform a sound all their own, which is extremely appealing to me as a fan as well, and I’m thoroughly convinced that there’s a huge fanbase waiting for the four Berliners out there.”
The band slams heavy riffs as well as thrilling beats into the listener’s face just like a storm, while still being exceptionally melodic and catchy with the distinctive voice of Herbst’s singer Oliver Weckert, who founded the band with his buddy Mark Rötz.
The two guys just won the Berlin radio station STAR FM’s ‘Brand Your Band’ song contest earlier this year and will release their first EP via the new label Träumer & Helden in February 2022.

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