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Finnish melodic heavy rock band
released album
‘Stand By Me In The Storm’

Come Back to Me
Children Of Depravity
Save A Life Tonight
Demon Dopamine
Kiss Goodbye
Neon Sky
Picture Perfect

Gigs all over Europe, being one of the international export hopes in Finland in the 2000s, getting high on Finland’s official album chart and finally losing passion for the band’s musical dream due to setbacks and personal struggles.
After all these experiences, Frail is ready to conquer hearts with their stirring American-influenced modern rock and personal descriptions of the pain and unfairness of the average person’s life.
Frail’s singer-songwriter Tarmo’s closely seen and experienced struggles with addictions and mental health problems, the heavy adversities that came on his way, and the fear of losing his own child to a serious illness brought a chronic feeling of gloom and meaninglessness to his life, which eventually extinguished even the last glow of his passion for music.
For a decade, music was packed in a locked chest and put in a cold attic – even though its healing power was exactly what was needed.
Now these moving experiences have been immortalized to help every Average Joe struggling with the same issues in life.
Frail’s new album ‘Stand by Me In the Storm’ presents a collage of relatable stories, which are carried forward by strong and melodically rich compositions and broad vocal harmonies, while modern low-tuned rock monumentally knocks the souls of every listener.
The message of the album is crystallized in the name of the band:
life is damn frail

Finnish melodic heavy rock band
released single/video
‘Come Back to Me’

to watch the video-clip ‘Come Back To Me’, please click play…

Composed by Tarmo Kellomäki
Lyrics by Tarmo Kellomäki

pic by Juho Virinkoski

Melodic rock/metal band Frail from Finland will release their new album this spring.
Their previous singles ‘Kiss Goodbye’, ‘Save a Life Tonight’ and ‘Children of Depravity’ have gathered loads of positive attention around the world.
The songs have been played by radio stations and playlisted into various Spotify playlists.
This fourth single ‘Come back to me’ is the final preview to the upcoming album.
Fragile and melancholic ‘Come Back to Me’ is based on strong vocal melodies and metallic heavy guitar riffs.
Musically you may hear echoes from early 2000’s post grunge sounds as well as a hint of the melancholic sound familiar to Finnish love metal giant HIM.
Vocalist Tarmo Kellomäki backgrounds the song:
“‘Come Back to Me’s lyrics can be understood in many different ways. It may be a story of a lost love or some great loss. For me personally, it’s an internal voice telling me about a lost direction of life or about a source of life that is about to dry out. When you get older, it’s easy to get stuck on regretting the choices you have made in life. Have I achieved thethings that I wanted? Have I permanently lost something that I should have been holding on to?”
The music video has been written and directed by film maker Toni Rutanen.
Many people are playing their roles even if the reality behind the role is a totally worn out human being.
The video also generated a discussion inside the band about what are the themes that the band wants to stand for.
The director and the band eventually agreed to lift up the struggle that is familiar to many ordinary people while living their ordinary life.
Director Toni Rutanen comments on the video:
“I wanted to lift up the hard side of modern human life. When you think that you’ve achieved the things that you wanted to. But there is a price for that. People get exhausted and relationships break down. And it’s not easy to talk about it even with your best friends. People should learn how to talk (and to listen) also about difficult issues. This is something that we all could learn more.”

Finnish modern rock metal band
has released single/video
‘Kiss Goodbye’

to watch the video-clip ‘Kiss Goodbye’, please click play…

Composed by Tarmo Kellomäki & Lari Launonen
Lyrics by Tarmo Kellomäki & Lari Launonen

pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

“Brutal irony of fate and dancing in the midst of sadness.”
Frail’s latest single release ‘Kiss Goodbye’ is a combination of bouncy metal, rock and disco.
The single is the third release from Frail’s upcoming full-length album to be released in 2023.
Frail’s previous singles ‘Save a Life Tonight’ and ‘Children of Depravity’ have received positive attention both in Finland and abroad.
For example in the form of radio play and playlist places provided by Spotify.
Brutal irony of fate ‘Kiss Goodbye’ is written by Lari Launonen, the previous member of the Frail band, and Tarmo Kellomäki, the singer-songwriter of Frail.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
“‘Kiss Goodbye’ is a really old song that is built of 2 songs of my good friend and ex-Frail member Lari Launonen and one chorus made by me. Before going to the studio, the current band got the idea to combine the absolutely killer riff that was in the second song with the actual ‘main’ song. The whole thing turned out so great that we dared to ask Mozart Launonen for permission. Clearly he wasn’t that delighted about the idea at first.”
Kellomäki and Launonen are united not only by the song’s production, but also by its theme – death.
‘Kiss Goodbye’ tragically became a sister track to Frail’s previous single ‘Save A Life Tonight’.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
“Where Frail’s previous single ‘Save a Life Tonight’ dealt with the fear of losing a loved one with an angry and sad touch, ‘Kiss Goodbye’ tackles the theme with a more hopeful approach – even though the subject of the song’s narration passes away. The songs are also connected by my and Lari’s own real-life experiences. While my child survived a heart disease, Lari’s son did not. Lari has openly and publicly dealt with his family’s story, and I won’t go into it any deeper. However, it can be said that there is a downright brutal irony of fate in the ensemble formed by the songs.”
Dancing in the midst of sadness.
Musically, ‘Kiss Goodbye’ strongly takes the listener into the world of post-grunge, nu-metal and disco-rock of the 21st century.
In the disco rhythm of the song’s chorus, there are hints of the dance-punk greatness of Panic at the Disco! – band, while the rest of the song is about bouncy American rock.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
“At live shows, this song has made the gang swing their hips nicely. For me, music is a strong physical experience, and that’s why it’s great to play this song live. In the theme part, one bounces heavily and in the chorus, on dances. Despite the dark theme of the song, it contains a hopeful view of the future and therefore this dance fits the whole thing well. It’s like dancing in the midst of sadness.”
A music video for the song ‘Kiss Goodbye’ has also been released, which showcases the band’s energy similar to its live performances.
The video was filmed during the band’s playing rehearsals in authentic rehearsal facilities in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Finnish modern rock metal band
has released single
‘Save A Life Tonight’

to watch the video-clip ‘Save A Life Tonight’, please click play…

Lyrics and composed by Tarmo Kellomäki

pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

Finnish modern rock metal band Frail’s latest single release ‘Save A Life Tonight’ is a true story that deals with the fear of losing your own child.
The lyrics describe the symphony of fear, unfairness and helplessness that rang out in one’s head at the exact moment when the doctors took a heavily sedated and babbling child to open heart surgery.
Even if there are no direct musical comparisons for the song, ‘SALT’ will probably find its way into the playlists of those who like the music of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown.
Tarmo Kellomäki, the songwriter:
“‘Save A Life Tonight’ is really personal and important song to me. It opens up my feelings and thoughts in a moment when doctors were taking my own child to a heart surgery. When the operating room’s door closes I am left alone with my desperate feelings of unfairness and fear. I remember I shouted to the heavens ‘punish me and not that child!”
Besides the story itself another notable point about this song is that Tarmo’s other son Roope Kellomäki plays electric guitar on this recording.
Kellomäki continues:
“Without going into details this song isn’t about Roope. But I wanted that he would be playing the guitars as this whole thing has touched my whole family. And as a father it was really breathtaking to record a story like this with own child playing the guitar tracks. Really important moment that I shall remember forever.”

Finnish modern heavy rock band
is back with single/video
‘Children of Depravity’

to watch the video-clip ‘Children Of Depravity’, please click play…

Lyrics and composed by Tarmo Kellomäki

pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

Frail are:
Tarmo Kellomäki – vocals
Joel Hekkala – guitars
Otto Kulhomäki – bass
Jussi Järvi – drums

A decade of silence comes to an end.
Finnish modern heavy rock band Frail is making an impressive comeback.
Frail surprised their fans in the fall of 2021 by announcing they were making a comeback and working on their new full-length album.
Now, the first single and music video from this second full-length album, which was worked on during the winter of 2021-22, will be released.
Frail’s latest single ‘Children of Depravity’ deals with human evil in an angry, dark and self-reflective way.
The main questions of the song are:
What causes young people in particular to commit atrocities against each other, for example, in the school world, what could society do to avoid tragedies, and do we see the evil that lurks in ourselves.
“‘Children of Depravity’ wasn’t necessarily planned as the first single, but the bad news from around the world during the summer made us think that this topic is important. That’s why we wanted to bring up this theme right away. Many young people feel bad and more should be done about it. On the other hand, the song also highlights the fact that there is potential evil living within each of us, which would be good to recognize.”
Musically, ‘Children of Depravity’ is an interesting combination of even different genres.
Tarmo Kellomäki:
“The original vision of the song was this: Paramore meets System of A Down meets Muse. In my opinion, we have succeeded quite well in this.”
The music video for the song was made in collaboration with a Finnish cheerleader group of Jyväskylä Jaguars Spirit Athletes (JSA), who do important work for the mental health and empowerment of young people.
“We wanted to build that kind of American highschool/college atmosphere in the video. The guys at JSA were great and we thought we could put together a good whole.”

The song was recorded in Jyväskylä Finland for Electric Fox Studios under the tender care of producer Tuomas Kokko.
New material is expected from Frail throughout the winter.

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