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Young Heart Dies
As Long As I Love You
Angel In Need
The Eye Of A Hurricane
Deep Blue Water
Proud And Ashamed
Guide You Home
Pack Of Wolves
You Seem So Far
Malicious Rose
Done With You
Set Off

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pic by Martin Rahn

– vocals
Raphi – drums 
Dennis – guitar 
Flo – guitar
Chris – bass

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first live-dates:
12.05. CH Pratteln – Z7 *
13.05. CH Münchenstein – Rockfact
16.06. Lörrach – Raven’s Cave (Release Party & Live Konzert)
*supporting Burning Witches

to watch the video-clip ‘You Seem So Far’, please click play…

“‘You Seem So Far’ differs slightly from the rest of the album. The lyrics are about losing a good friend that you can never see again – that hurts for a lifetime. The only thing that remains are the memories you’ve collected throughout your life – no one can take those away from you!”
The album ‘Reflections” has been released.
The 14-track Fireborn album was produced by Schmier (Burning Witches, Destruction).
The tracks are modern as well as influenced by American hard rock and alternative rock with lots of atmosphere, energy, and catchy melodies.
Led by the charismatic singer and songwriter Jenny, Fireborn directly captivates the listener with the raw but always feminine and sensitive nature of Jenny’s incomparable powerful hard rock and metal voice.
With an aggressive, hook-loaded, heavy sound, the band appeals to fans from Halestorm or In This Moment through their substantial, heavy rock tracks and emotional power ballads.
Jenny about the first long-player:
“The first cut is the deepest! Our debut album ‘Reflections’ is out now! It really feels surreal to us and is a dream that came true! We all hope you hear our love, dedication, passion, and the hard work we put into our first record! ‘Reflections’ is about learning from your own mistakes and those of others, breaking new grounds, and never losing hope!”
Get carried away – far away from the programmed music of today – this album will bring you back to stripped-down pure, classic rock and metal.
Fronted by powerhouse singer Jenny and rounded out by Dennis, Raphael, Flo and Chris, German Metal/Rock act Fireborn produce unique and timeless music with strong passion, expressive vocals, and defining hooks.
Despite her young age, the petite singer stands out with her hard to delicate voice, extensive vocal range, and incredible sovereignty.
In 2019, Fireborn (still named Dislike Silence) played in the finals of the 37th German Rock and Pop Awards and took third place in the “Rock” category.
In winter 2021, the band visited the Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland where the first album, ‘Reflections’ was recorded with producer Schmier (Destruction) and sound engineer V.O. Pulver (Destruction, Pro-Pain Burning Witches, The Order, Nervosa).
Schmier states:
“There’s gotta be something special to arouse my interest as a music fan and as a composer and performer, something that touches my soul and gives me the chills. This really happened the first time I heard Jenny from Fireborn sing. They caught my full attention and as the band is from around my area, I offered to help with the production of their 1st album and that made me fan, cause I m a fan of timelessly good rock music! They play modern classic rock with a golden raspy female voice, that is powerful and it the same time very fragile but always melodic and catchy. Fireborn are fresh and yet traditional. Alternative but also Metal – hooks for eternity! Check them out if you adore ROCK music!”
The terrific artwork was done by the Hungarian art-wizard Gyula (Accept, Stratovarius, Wintersun, Burning Witches) and melts perfectly with the soundscapes on our first record:
powerful, vibrant, atmospheric and diverse
The songs are modern and very influenced by American hard rock as well as classic rock, with a lot of atmosphere, energy, and a great sense of melody.
Lead singer Jenny states:
“It was a true honor to work with the Hungarian cover artist Gyula, supercool to be recorded by the Swiss studio master V.O. Pulver (Burning Witches, Destruction, Nervosa) and it was exciting to get produced by Destruction mastermind Schmier (Burning Witches, Pänzer)! I am pretty sure, that you will hear all the passion that we put into this album and I hope you will dig it!”

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