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ENGST releazed on
september 2021 the 3rd
their new single/video

to watch the video-clip ‘Gute Jahre’, please click play…

ENGST are:
Matthias Engst – vocals
Ramin Tehrani – guitar
Chris Wendel – bass
Yuri Cernovolov – drums

With ‘Gute Jahre’, ENGST have released a fresh and danceable summer hit that really makes you want to see their upcoming live shows.
Text, beat and melody leave nothing to be desired for fans of skatepunk.
Despite the good vibe, the song has a very special and slightly melancholy meaning for the band and especially for singer Matthias, as the content is about saying goodbye to a deceased friend.
Matze (singer):
“Last year a friend of mine passed away dramatically. His death concerns me to this day and with this song I wanted to put a small memorial to him. He was a fun-loving and crazy guy for whom a slow piano number, for example, would not have been suitable. So the song turned out to be rather positive and the lyrics were meant to remind less of his death than of his life. Robert, we miss you down here. We think that many of our fans and also people beyond that recognize themselves in this song and maybe even get some positive energy from it. If so, we’ve done everything right. It sounds so trite, but the phrase ‘LIVE EVERY DAY AS IF IT WAS THE LAST’ has a lot of truth in it.”
ENGST are always good for a surprise and regularly cause a sensation with unusual promotions.
The fact that, due to the global corona pandemic, you can’t get together as usual and shoot a music video, for example, doesn’t stop the guys from being creative and innovative at full speed.
With their upcoming EP ‘Vier Gesichter’, the Berliners prove once again that they work a little differently than other bands – true to their motto:
“We don’t fit into any drawer, we are the whole closet”.
The 4 new tracks pay homage to the very personal musical roots of each individual band member.
They are also a thank you to the fans who supported the band even in the tough times of the pandemic and made their loyalty possible with the purchase of concert tickets and the fantastic Top 20 charts entry of the current album ‘Schöne neue Welt’.
The ‘Vier Gesichter’ EP will appear in a limited physical edition as CD EP and 12 “EP in addition to the usual digital versions and will contain the piano version of the track ‘Zu Hause’ as a bonus track.
The band gave the following statement about the release:
“In these challenging times you supported ENGST incredibly blatantly and as promised we want to thank you with new music. In the following months, we will be releasing four new tracks to sweeten your time without concerts. We’ll see you on our tour next year and tear down together, just like we did before these crazy times. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!”

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