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Single Artwork by Jaylen Elias
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produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis

Devolver are:
Chris Brown – vocals
Devin Babcock – lead guitar
Jayde Penner – rhythm guitar
Bevin Booth – drums
Jaylen Elias – bass

Vulture Hound:
“Devolver uses melodies, intensity, and a variety of vocalists to hook you, reeling you from song to song making this such a welcoming and comfortable listen. I don’t mean they’re ‘easy listening’ there heavy as fuck, I mean there’s always something different, you’ll never get bored while diving into this debut.”
Bucketlist Music Reviews:
“If After The Burial and The Ghost Inside had a lovechild, it would be Devolver. These guys blew me away with how professional, well written, and how well structured they’ve presented themselves with their SelfTitled record. Each song has its own personality, while still maintaining a signature sound. The breakdowns are simple, yet effective in each song. There is dynamic tension and then well-needed release throughout the record, and it’s downright masterful. This album is captivating, and I recommend anyone that is a fan of metal to check this out.”

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