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Brian Peel – Radio Presenter FM/DAB+/Online:
“The track Australia is a supremely loveable tune with loveable vocals, a glorious piece of storytelling, a perfectly and incredibly crafted song.”
Sheila Taylor – Amplify The Noise:
“It’s everything I love about Australia!”

Dan Lynch is a songwriter from Sydney, Australia with an earthy and energetic sound and meaningful life-questioning lyrics.
In his new single ‘Australia’ he proudly sings of the connection between the ancient land of Australia and its people.
Recorded as three different versions – each with its own unique qualities – Australia is upbeat and optimistic… a celebration of solidarity that is very welcome in these divided times.
With ‘Australia’ Dan is taking his Australian heritage and lived experiences to everyone everywhere, showing them not just the country he grew up in, but the voices and stories of the countless generations who came before him.
Dan’s first hand experiences are the foundation for his lyrics – he has lived the majority of his life in Australia’s diverse cities;
he is the grandson of a migrant; and Dan also has had the unique privilege of spending 6 years living intensely together with The Martu People in Parnngurr Community, located on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, who are the last of Australia’s Indigenous people to make contact with European Australians.
The lyrical themes expressed are born of his country, yet connect and resonate with people everywhere, echoing the simple truth that beyond the fast paced world there is a oneness, synchronicity, wisdom and co-dependency in existence, from moment to moment, between all beings and nature.

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