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Greek/German rock project
has released single/video
‘Unfinished Business’

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Cosmotheory just released their second single ‘Unfinished Business’.
The new single is online on YouTube but soon will be available on streaming platforms and online stores.
The upcoming plans will be revealed from the band’s social media in the near future.

Greek/German rock act
have released single
‘City Of My Heart’

to watch the video-clip ‘City Of My Heart’, please click play…

Cosmotheory is a Greek/German rock band formed back at the end of 2021 from the current two members, Billy Adams (Vasilis Papadam) and Conni ‘Comet’ Steinke.
It’s a musical project that belongs to Billy Adams who writes the music, lyrics, he is the main vocalist, guitarist and also the main producer of the band.
Conni serves as assistant producer, choir/backing vocals arranger but also as a singer (lead/backing female vocals).
On May 8th Cosmotheory released the debut single ‘City Of My Heart’, a rock ballad that has been written back in 2019 from Billy Adams.
It’s a song about the experience of migration, leaving back your people and your hometown for a better life in a foreign country.
Describes the feelings and thoughts before and after migration happens.
It’s about the struggle and the difficulties accepting the fact and try to move forward, thinking that someday you gonna get back home but at the same time you know that this maybe never gonna happen.
The project contains at the moment only studio recordings, songwriting and production, with future plans to turn into a complete band.
The duo works now on their second single ‘Unfinished Business’ which will soon be ready for release.

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