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American metalcore act
released single/video
‘Word Of Hate’

Album Artwork by Adam Smith
to watch the video-clip ‘Word Of Hate’, please click play…

Produced by Flip Twogood, Aggressive Audio, SLC, UT
Mixed & Mastered by Manuel Renner, Ueberlaerm Studios, Germany

Single Band Line Up:
Ryan Pigott – Vocals
Adam Smith – Bass
Rob Whittle – Drums
Marshall Rock – Guitar
Live Band Line Up:
Ryan Pigott – Vocals
Adam Smith – Bass
Rob Whittle – Drums
Marshall Rock – Guitar
Landon Colledge – Guitar

2023You Can’t Dance to This – Album
2023Word of Hate – Single
2022Plucking Pustule Peter’s Poisoned Porky Porpoise Punch Bowl Party – Single
2021Child Predator Dogs – Single
2021Black Mental Epilepsy – Single
2019Cats on Cocaine – Single
2017Psycles – Single
2017Psycles – EP

Shared Stage with:
AlterBeast, Angra, Bodysnatcher, Depths of Hatred, Ektomorph, Enterprise Earth, Green Jelly, Hemlock, Ingested, Jungle Rot, Psychostick
And MANY more…

Tours and Festivals:
2018Strangulation Nation Tour – NM, TX, GA, TN, MO, KS, CO
2018Hemlock 25 Year Anniversary Tour – Mt. Pleasant, UT
2018Feast Winter Tour (AlterBeast) – SLC, UT
2017-2018Word of Hate Tour – NV, AZ, CA, WA, OR, CO, OK, TX, NM, UT
2017San Carlos Metal Fest – Peridot, AZ
2017The VelociTurkeySaurus Rex Tour (PsychoStick) – SLC, UT
2017North American Tour (Arkaik) – SLC, UT
2017 – 2017 Summer Annihilation Tour (Product of Hate) – SLC, UT

BuzzSlayers (Aug 1, 2022):
“A blistering new thrash and death metal single from Chronic Trigger absolutely melts your face with endless changes and trudging masterfully performed riffs, screaming and melodic edgy vocals to go along with a vast and closed fisted set of riffs and drumming that destroys all the way through. The track is delightfully called ‘Plucking Pustule Peter’s Poisoned Porky Porpoise Punchbowl Party’ and if you think that’s a mouthful, dive into this track because it’ll feel like an earthquake under your feet.”
Kronos Mortus News (Nov 02, 2021):
“Progressive extreme metal band Chronic Trigger releases a monstrous music video visualization for the group’s new, ominous single ‘Black Mental Epilepsy’! (…)This track proves that Chronic Trigger is a formation known for the dynamism in the distinguishable mixture of music that the members’ talents are generating, simultaneously mixing classic elements of hardcore with technical and progressive death metal to create an unique heavy sound landscape.”
Wail Music Magazine (Sept 01, 2018):
“Blending melody and brutality into one frantic unit, Chronic Trigger balance the line of technical hardcore and progressive metal with precision. The band showcases the uncanny ability to display technical chops while not skimping on the heavy and brutal metal style.”

Chronic Trigger:
“This album is an audio conglomeration of all the challenges and adventures that helped us evolve into the band we are today. Every song on this album we wrote to excite our own inner musical goblins. If it excites the goblins, we feel it will excite the masses. The album was recorded over a period of one year with Flip Two Good at Aggressive Audio in SLC, UT and mastered in Germany by Manuel Renner at Uberlarm Studios. Several of the tracks from the album have been released as singles with associated music videos, all written and directed by us, in-house. Including a claymation video that took two years to create and film, all on our kitchen table.”
Chronic Trigger is a metal band formed in 2016.
Showcasing the uncanny ability to blend melody and brutality into one frantic unit of technical hardcore and progressive metal precision.
“Through several independent, tumultuous tours we have perfected our professional performance and established ourselves as a highly driven, unique brand. Chronic Trigger is known for its exuberant live shows and ridiculously entertaining and engaging content. We’re from Utah by the way…”
For fans of Tony Danza TapDance Extravaganza, Dr. Acula, Fit for an Autopsy, Signs of the Swarm, Kublai Khan

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