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American metalcore/nu metalcore act
will release EP
‘Can’t Save Us All ‘

cover by Daniel Hambright

Can’t Save Us All
Kill Kill

Produced by Russell Hollar, Nomad Recording Studio

pic by Director Parada

Born In Blood are:
Talmage Crumholt – vocals
Royce Vick – bass
Stephen Bonilla – drums
Anthony Rendon – guitars

upcoming show:
September 1, 2023:
Max & Iggor Cavalera:
Morbid Devastation w/ Exhumed,
Incite & Born in Blood

Born in Blood is a brutal amalgam of dissonance and melody.
The band performs fast and heavy music filled with intricate guitar riffs and driving double bass.
Born in Blood are a 4-piece American Metal band from Fort Worth, Texas.
How would you describe the sound of the new EP in five words?
“Chaotic, unapologetic, energetic, violent, unrelenting”
What was the writing process like for the EP?
“A lot of these songs we’ve had for a few years, we’ve been reworking them to fit with newer inspirations from bands like Alpha Wolf and King 810. This was truly a collaborative effort among all members to incorporate their unique sound.”
What was the primary inspiration for the lyrics?
“Horror, organized religion everyday violence with movies, games and personal experiences are all themes that feature prominently throughout the tracks.”
Tell us about ‘Infern. How did you choose it for the lead single?
“This track probably has the most variety and movement throughout the song. It’s fast, chaotic, but also groovy. It pretty much sets you up for what the rest of the EP sounds like.”
For Fans of:
Slipknot, early-Sepultura, Mudvayne

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