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will release on the
10th of December 2021
their new album

‘UKKO’ is the second studioalbum by the Finnish metal band ATLAS.
On the 11 new tracks the 5-piece from Tampere presents a new sonic palette and steps into a new direction for the band.
For ‘UKKO’, ATLAS drew inspiration from Finnish folk music and poetry, combining these influences with the dark soundscapes and dynamic songwriting for which the band is already known.
Lyrically and thematically ‘UKKO’ explores themes of death, healing, rebirth and faith, presented in a seamlessly blended mix of English and Finnish.
The album name ‘UKKO’ honors the father figure of the band who passed away less than a year ago; a devastating tragedy for its members.
‘UKKO’ is also a euphemism of the Finnish pre-christian mythological god of the sky, thunder, weather, and harvest.
Tuomas Kurikka/guitar:
“This is our way of honoring those we’ve loved and lost. Heavy looping rhythms, huge percussions, haunting atmospheres, dark soundscapes, and ominous melodies create an album that celebrates northern spirits. ‘UKKO’ is a blend of something ancient combined with a cold and harsh perspective of these stray modern days. You could say that the album is a sacrifice to the old Finnish pagan gods.”
The album is mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Oceano, Humanity’s Last Breath, Born of Osiris) who was able to bring his unique approach and sound to the album.

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