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out: 6 October 2023
Artwork by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design

Corrosive Form
A Statement Of Malicious Intent
Something Went Wrong
Stuck In The Trunk
Submerged In Human Compost
Dead But Delicious
Autopsy Report (Inconclusive)
Scratch The Bone
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty (Cannibal Corpse Cover)

to watch the video-clip ‘Stuck In The Tunk’, please click play…

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Robert Rebeck at GFM Recording and Chapter 2 studios

pic by Jeffrey Sisson

Torn The Fuck Apart are:
Michael Langner – guitars, vocals
Brandon Mitchell – bass, vocals
Dylan Watt – drums, vocals

2018A Genetic Predisposition of Violence
2014Sexually Transmitted Torture
2012The Dissection of Christ
2009Gods of Gore
2006Skinned Alive – EP

tours and festivals:
2009/2011/2013/2014/2015West Texas Death Fest
2009Philadelphia Death Fest
2018Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD
2018Full Terror Assault – Fayetteville, IL
2019Chicago Domination Fest – Chicago, IL
2022SlamDakota – Sioux Falls, SD
2009Tour supporting Monstrosity w/Dreaming Dead
2014Beaten & Eaten Tour w/Troglodyte
2018The Road Leads to Death Tour
2019Tour with Atoll/Mortal Torment
2020Tour supporting Origin/Defeated Sanity/Beneath the Massacre

Shared Stage with:
Origin – Beneath the Massacre – Defeated Sanity – Internal Bleeding – Power Trip – Aborted – Morbid Angel – Suffocation – Nile – Monstrosity – Vital Remains – Wretched – Exmortus – Deicide – Severed Savior – Arkaik – Broken Hope – Unmerciful – Dreaming Dead – Dying Fetus – Cryptopsy – Decrepit Birth – Six Feet Under – Jungle Rot

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