NYXBORN have released their 3rd album “Δαιμονολόγιο (Demonologio)” on the 30th of October

A small village between two pale mountains, is the home of Nyxborn, a one-man independent blackened heavy metal project from Greece.

Nyxborn’s trademark sound is a blend of original blackened heavy metal riffs, accompanied by an aggressive high-pitched voice, creating a progressive, dark and at times atmospheric vibe.

The project is active in the metal underground since 2016 with the “Eyes Of The Night” EP.

The full length albums “Black Mirror of Silence” and “Fatesblood” succeeded it in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

On September 2021 the Official Video for the single “Exiled In Arrakis” was unleashed to the unsuspecting masses.

The song is based on the “Dune” science-fiction novel (1965) written by Frank Herbert, and it is included in the 3rd Nyxborn opus entitled “Δαιμονολόγιο” (Demonologio).

has released new album
“Songs From The Lockdown II Live”

Thomas Libero stated: “The Songs From The Lockdown project was my personal reaction to the weird time we all lived and it gave me the chance to present new sides of my music that I’ve never shown before. In the first chapter, 2020’s Songs From The Lockdown I, I wanted to introduce the audience to my roots; on this one, I collected some acoustic versions of my songs and a couple of covers, mixing a livestream I recorded in a studio with a few tracks taken from real live gigs I performed in Italy and Spain, in order to recreate the mood of a concert.”

Thomas Libero is a musician, singer and songwriter from Padua, Italy.
As a solo artist, he released 2 EPs, 2 albums and several singles, including his Italian songs (“Nella Notte”, “IP”, “Favole”) that were featured in the national ranking chart.
During his career, he worked with other bands and toured across Italy, Europe and Brasil sharing the stage with artists such as H.E.A.T, Tim “Ripper” Owens, DGM, Hardline and many others.
Thanks to his melodic rock background and vast musical culture, Thomas Libero creates a very personal genre that ranges from pop-rock to hard rock, fast songs and deep ballads, always trying to give a message to the audience through his meaningful lyrics.


01. A Letter To Me (Live in Menorca)
02. I Will Go On (Live in Menorca)
03. Red Zone (Live in Menorca)
04. In Questa Città (Live in Venice)
05. Hallelujah (Live at The Central Recording Studios) Leonard Cohen cover
06. Through Glass (Live at The Central Recording Studios) Stone Sour cover
07. Nella Notte (Live at The Central Recording Studios)
08. I Want You Back Tonight (Live at The Central Recording Studios)

has realesed his new single
‘He’s Your Father, Not Mine’

Eugenio Sambasile is an Italian musician, guitarist, music teacher and composer.
He’s the founder and leader of death metal band Embryo.
He shared the stage with famous metal artists on countless gigs all across Europe and collaborated with international musicians such as Marty Friedman and George Kollias during several educational events and seminars.
His musical interests range from extreme metal to rock, with influences of blues and country music.


Eugenio Sambasile – Guitar & bass

Vitali Mats – Vocals
Ivan Bandera – Drums

released new single
‘Hit The Ground’

“Hit the Ground” is the third single from Zoodrake’s new album “Seven”, which is accompanied by a music video.
Hilton Theissen says about the song: “Sometimes you only feel life through a painful experience, or you only really perceive yourself through a hard crash that explores the boundaries to madness.”

The new Zoodrake long-player, “Seven,” takes an even rougher, more exuberant approach to complete the entire experience along with a strong unifying force created by the songs and Hilton’s characteristic voice.

Zoodrake is the band around singer and producer Hilton Theissen, who consistently follows their path through with their second album “seven” and ten energetic and emotional songs.
The first two singles already revealed the band’s strengthened stylistic path with a varied bandwidth and captivating synth and guitar walls on top of their energetic upbeat music.

Maestro - Something Else single cover 2021
have released their new single
‘Something Else’

Music by Orion Roos
Lyrics by Wieke van der Veen

Maestro musicians on this recording are:
Wouter Zuiderveld – lead and backing vocals, guitars and keyboards
Orion Roos – guitars and backing vocals
Peter Douwenga – bass and backing vocals
Jahrin Kersten – drums

Special guest:
Wieke van der Veen – backing vocals

will release on the
10th of December 2021 their new album

UKKO is the second studioalbum by the Finnish metal band ATLAS.
On the 11 new tracks the 5-piece from Tampere presents a new sonic palette and steps into a new direction for the band.
For UKKO, ATLAS drew inspiration from Finnish folk music and poetry, combining these influences with the dark soundscapes and dynamic songwriting for which the band is already known.
Lyrically and thematically UKKO explores themes of death, healing, rebirth and faith, presented in a seamlessly blended mix of English and Finnish.

The album name UKKO honors the father figure of the band who passed away less than a year ago; a devastating tragedy for its members.

UKKO is also a euphemism of the Finnish pre-christian mythological god of the sky, thunder, weather, and harvest.
“This is our way of honoring those we’ve loved and lost. Heavy looping rhythms, huge percussions, haunting atmospheres, dark soundscapes, and ominous melodies create an album that celebrates northern spirits. UKKO is a blend of something ancient combined with a cold and harsh perspective of these stray modern days. You could say that the album is a sacrifice to the old Finnish pagan gods.” – (Tuomas Kurikka / guitar).
The album is mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm
(Vildhjarta, Oceano, Humanity’s Last Breath, Born of Osiris)
who was able to bring his unique approach and sound to the album.

will release on the
10th of december 2021 their new album ‘Afterglow’

The big quake is over, but the earth is still shaking.
On their new record “Afterglow”, the upcoming metalcore 5-piece Rising Insane deal with life after a traumatic experience and the realization that not everything is always already over when one lulls oneself into a sense of security.
The third album of the Bremen-based band reflects more profoundly than ever on various processes of dealing with psychological problems and creates a colossus of acoustic rage, despair, but also the necessary spark of hope on this basis.
“Afterglow” thereby sounds as bloodcurdlingly brute as Architects and at the same time as inimitably engaging as Annisokay – a tightrope walk that ensures that the band’s important messages will find their way.
Rising Insane is not just the name but also what happened literally to these 5 guys from northern Germany over the last few years.
After their self-released debut album “Nation” in 2017 the band gained attention quickly in the German metal scene on shows with f.e.
Stray From The Path and For Today and as support for Annisokay on their 2018 headline run.
In 2019 they played at the Impericon Festival and got signed by Long Branch Records.
This led to the first label release “Porcelain” in November 2019, which received outstanding reviews all around the world and accelerated the band into the international focus.
In the aftermath of the album release the band kept being busy and recorded a well-received cover version of “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. This cover got the band even more worldwide attention and spread the name even wider.
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will release on the
10th of december 2021 their new album ‘Afterglow’
part ii

Due to the pandemic the first headline run had to be cancelled in 2020 and the band decided to stay active and recorded a EP named “Recovered” with even more cover versions of songs from the last 35 years,
including “Blinding Lights”.
Now Rising Insane is back with new music and ready to elevate into even higher spheres.
They stay true to their Post-Hardcore and Metalcore roots but have clearly grown as a band and
as individual musicians.
The sound is more mature and the songs will not leave any questions open if these guys can stay true to their name and keep rising insane.
Album Track by Track
– Afterglow
The title track “Afterglow” is the lyrical centerpiece of the album of the same name. It goes straight to the pain stimulus of post-traumatic stress without detours and expresses the pain and suffering, but also the despair of having to carry the past on your shoulders for a lifetime.
“All I know, wherever I will go – I will keep falling for the Afterglow”
– Meant to live
“Meant To Live” is a kind of ode to ourselves, in which we praise ourselves for all that we have achieved,
and all that we have overcome. These thoughts are then meant to remind us – when we face setbacks,
when we see ourselves or others down – that we are strong enough to overcome these hurdles.
“But we fight ’cause we’re meant to live”
– War
“War” reveals from my memory the thoughts and feelings in the midst of a depressive episode in a highly
self-reflective way. Looking back at what was going on inside me, I’m all the happier about how my life
looks now.
“It’s like a parasite living here inside my mind”
– Flightless Bird
“Flightless Bird” is for me the most tearing song on “Afterglow”. The term “Flightless Bird” here stands
for both the penguin, the mascot of my sisters and me, and the bird with broken wings that will never fly
again. It’s extremely hard for me to really feel joy for something, no matter how beautiful the moment
actually is, because at the same moment I always have to think about the fact that I will never be able to
share this moment with my sister.
“I hear you calling out for me – Flightless Birds we’re meant to be”
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will release on the
10th of december 2021 their new album ‘Afterglow’
part iii

– Serenade
You could almost think “Serenade” is about a love affair – in principle, it is a relationship, too – only it’s
the one with depression and anxiety disorders. No matter how hard you fight it or how well you get by
during the day, when you go to sleep and your mind starts spinning, you end up losing yourself again.
“But at night you’ll be right here and I sing you a serenade”
– Oxygen
“Oxygen” is intended to illustrate the power with which mental disorders can dominate us as human beings. Mental illnesses change our personality, take away our quality of life – in short, the oxygen we need.
“What I am, is what you have made of me”
– Breakout
When everything is upside down and our world lies fallow, we can still always find new support in music.
“Breakout” is about exactly that, at the same time it’s a big Thank You to the core scene, where we feel
at home, where it’s about togetherness and everyone is welcome.
“I feel like my mind is gone, still I know where my heart belongs”
– The Surface
“The Surface” is about the perpetual struggle with oneself and the pursuit of happiness – the interplay
between positive development and the relapse into depressive moods, which keeps us from breaking
through the surface. The absolute symbol of this can be found on the artwork to the album.
“Locked chains in a cave of despair”
– Something inside of me
“Something inside of me” is an announcement to all people who trivialize mental illness and give
sufferers the feeling of rejection. The song is meant to slap them in the face with the suffering that
mental illness causes and to make them rethink.
“On the inside you’re dead, on the outside just breathing”
– Broken Homes
“Broken Homes” takes up the subject of domestic violence, highlighting the psychological consequences
that have a post-traumatic effect on those affected. The song is meant to convey strength and make
clear that no one is alone.
“It’s difficult but don’t lose hope, remember you are not alone”
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will release on the
10th of december 2021 their new album ‘Afterglow’
part iv

– Bend and Break
“Bend and Break” is about relapsing into a depressed mood and realizing that trauma will never leave
you alone. What just becomes clear in the song is the help from friends that sufferers rely on so much
when depression takes over.
“Tell me something that I don’t know, tell me something to heal my soul”
– Imprisoned
“Imprisoned” is the last song of the album, the outstretched hand that helps you up. In the song is the
statement that Rising Insane will always be there through the music in difficult hours and you fight
together against the storm.
“Hands up to the sky, wave your past goodbye – I’ll be there if you need me”

SIAMESE will release on the
10th of december 2021
their album ‘Home’

Siamese brand new LP “HOME” sees the band further develop their distinctive sound into a heavier realm.
It’s bolder and it’s more experimental, but most of all the riffs are more wicked, innovative and unique compared to their previous work.
Going from an R’n’b metal vibe to a very grand and gutteral sound the guys from Siamese make sure that each album tells a story about the time
it was created.
Never looking back – always moving forward.
Made during the corona pandemic the album is the bands most personal to date with real life crisis revolving around their very own domicil. Having already released fireproof bangers such as “Can’t Force The Love” and “Home” featuring Drew York, Siamese are set to take the next step into the international core scene with what must be considered as their best album to date.
Track by Track

-Heights Above
The albumstarter and the first hint towards what Siamese aim for on this new 12 track LP. Hardcore screaming blended with a massive sing along stadion chorus, and some of the most challenging instrumental work that Siamese have presented as a band.
– Home
THAT INTRO! was the imminent reaction from the youtube community! Mixing hizzing synths with some upbeat rythms “Home” is made out of that “special matter” that makes a song stand out from the rest.
“I consider this chorus to be one of the best we have ever written in our career” Vocalist Mirza states.
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10.03 DK, Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
11.03 DK, Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
12.03 DK, Aarhus – Train
18.03 DK, Aalborg – Streetfood
19.03 DK, Odense – Posten
25.03 DK, Sønderborg – Sønderborghus
26.03 DK, Køge – Tapperiet
15.-18.06 DK, Copenhagen – Copenhell
02.07 DE, Münster – Vainstream Rockfest

SIAMESE will release on the
10th of december 2021
their album ‘Home’
part ii

– Holy
You never know where this banger is going. Is it a ballad, an uptempo punk song or a metalcore anthem? Well it kinda does all of those things at once. This is a showcase of how experience in songwriting can take a song alot of placing while stil staying coherent.
The lyrical concept is a very real one-sided relationsship situation
– Honest
The first real ballad that Siamese have ever written. Well kinda. Song is a tribute to a close friend fighting to come back to the world after severe depression. A story seen from the point of view from a friend. How most of us see people with depression. Like someone we need, love and just expect nothing but honesty from. Break the stigma of mental health.
– Can’t Force The Love
Lyrically the song is dedicated to a person I had to let go last year. Not to diss her, or to point fingers, but to explain what an impossible idiot I am, and why she’s better off without me to be honest.”
– Erase My Mind
This is a song about the night and generally that feeling we felt about corona stealing the night from us. Going out was dearly missed and this song is our naive and sentimental urge to go out in to the night at meet perfect strangers. The we wanted the composition to bring back memories about the EMO scene and and ode to bands lige Saosin, Circa Survive and Sleeping With Sirens.
– Enough Ain’t Enough
This track is about our personal frustration concerning the lockdowns. Andreas and I wanted to convey a positive message during a really frustrating period of both of our lives. ‘Enough Ain’t Enough’ is an outlet and a healthy way for us to remind each other, that none of this is forever. We can’t wait to live fast and
die old when the world returns.
– Numb
Numb is another product of sitting at home and watching the pandemic unfold. A scary realization that nothing seemed to affect or scare me anymore. Millions of people have died during covid, but my biggest concern was whether or not I could go to a restaurant. Not to point fingers at anyone else but myself. The bombardment of bad news truly left me numb. We had to write it down cause I believe I am not alone in my guilty conciseness, and the inner war with myself about this.
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SIAMESE will release on the
10th of december 2021
their album ‘Home’
part iii

– Rather Be Lonely
It’s really weird to release a song that makes you proud and really sad at the same time. ‘Rather Be Lonely’ is the song we spent the most time writing on. It’s probably because it’s so brutally honest and being honest about defeat and deceit can be downright sickening to put on paper.
– Past The End
A banger about being way past a relationship. It’s about reaching that point where all the 2nd. 3rd. 4th. chances have been missed. Instrumentally we love this song for being in a different tempo than we normally do, and also the riffs are very new in the Siamese univers.
– Joga
We wanted to do something completely left, and Andreas just loves this song so much. The main challenge here was to write a rock song but also stay in the same key as Björk.
“So we did. Song is in original key, and I have to say that I love singing it”. – Mirza.
– Sloboda
A personal song, with what has become our favourite composition. The grandeur of this really makes us happy. The lyrical concept is one I’ve had in the shelf for years. It’s Mirzas personal experience with being a refugee in Denmark, growing up to be a succesful citizen, but still feeling institutionally unaccepted. By the way – the chorus line was a conversation Mirza remembered having with his mom when he was a kid.
He asked why they would move from Yugoslavia to Denmark while his mother replied:
Freedom, my son. (Sloboda, moj sine).

All the lyrics evolve around values, ideas and real life situations happening within ourown four walls.
It’s a weird and very fragile open door to our thoughts and lives.

ALLEVIATE are back
with their new single ‘Broken’

After their successful debut single ‘Die For Me’, ALLEVIATE is back with their follow up called ‘Broken’, that hits again with an absolute
bone-crushing and unique sound.

Upon dropping ‘Die For Me’, ALLEVIATE quickly gained fans from all over the world.
Famous internet reactors like Nik Nocturnal and Too Lit Mafia were all about their powerful and catchy sound, as the group combines technical riffs, heavy breakdowns, and catchy hooks that get stuck in your head for hours at a time.
The band is writing and producing its music at clean vocalist Timo’s recording studio Mega Blaster Recordings and teamed up with the famous music video producer Mirko Witzki (Witzki Visions), who is known for his work with bands like Any Given Day, Ghostkid, Caliban, and Our Mirage, to shoot a performance video that captures the spirit and energy of the song in the most cinematic way.
“Broken is about overcoming depressions that have been cause by this cruel world. Being let down and left alone by everyone, the protagonist finds strength deep within its own thoughts. Again, Alleviate tries to alleviate and that is what the band stands for. Singing about personal experiences and trying to give advices to the listeners with music that enhances the feeling.”
“I’m left alone with broken bones
Let down, torn apart far away from home
It’s like the world is bearing down on me
And my heart is buried in concrete”
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Timo | clean vocals (Our Mirage)
Marius | shouts (Breakdown’s at Tiffany’s)
Ramon| guitar (The Evolutionist)
Marc | guitar (We Are Perspectives)
Yunus | drums (Time, The Valuator)

ALLEVIATE are back
with their new single ‘Broken’
part ii

ALLEVIATE stand for strength that’s hidden deep inside us all.
The band consists of accomplished musicians from five different bands in different genres of metal music.
The band formed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 with the launch of ‘Die For Me’, and combines the best of technical metalcore, deathcore, djent, and post-hardcore in one powerful and beautiful style.
Riffs, breakdowns, deathcore vocals, and catchy choruses are how ALLEVIATE stand out from the crowd.
The members have proven themselves numerous times in previous and current bands.
They’ve played hundreds of shows and are experienced live performers.
As soon as the world returns to normal, they will take the stage as ALLEVIATE.
The band’s name itself represents what it stands for
giving hope and spreading a positive message into the world.

HALF ME have released their single ‘Trauma Culture’

HALF ME – encompassed by guitarists Chris and Julius, vocalist Chris, drummer Max, and bassist Tobias – are one of the newest additions to
the Arising Empire roster.
Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, the metalcore five-piece was founded in October 2018 after the demise of each other’s local bands.
In two years’ time, the band has been able to make an impact in the music scene by self-producing music and videos to display their intensive and energetic demeanor.
Debuting with four singles to start, It was their latest single ‘Exitwound‘ (featuring Jack Bergin of VOID OF VISION) that gave the group a breakthrough and landed the band in the spotlight of
KNOTFEST’s “Countdown to Oblivion“.

“I am thrilled to finally share TRAUMA CULTURE and open the door to our new narrative. TRAUMA CULTURE represents relationship mania, a form of mental illness that is often overlooked for the extent of collective and individual damage dealt. The rules are set and put on a scale. A dream of blood with a face so pale. Radical world views are colliding in this era of hyper-communication. Everything that happens around me has to do with me. And there is something I have to do to face this plot. Challenging the rules of society became a vessel of this dogma. With TRAUMA CULTURE I process personal experiences as well as sociopolitical observations and I can’t wait to bring that hurt and sadness to the stage. No helping hand, no sight of saving grace. While I condemn radicalization, I empathically care for the victims of isolation.”
– Chris (Vocals)

Musically, the band blends a modern rendition of metal and hardcore with highlights of 90’s nu-metal.
Pounding riffs and breakdowns are accompanied by brutal, yet sometimes elegant, vocals that all balance together to formulate the band’s own distinctive sound.

Riding the high of their recent success, Half Me has sights set on releasing their highly anticipated debut album in 2022 and are sure to make it worth the wait.

Half Me are:
Christopher Zühlke | vocals
Christopher Hesse | guitar
Julius Jansen | guitar
Tobias Max Sajons | bass
Maximilian Eisersdorff | drums

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