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Canadian thrash metal band
will release album
‘Artificial Insanity’

At War With Demons
Bringers of Chaos
Is Hope Still Alive?
One Blood
Beyond The Past
Celtic Creatures
Why Burn?
It Doesn’t Really Matter

(Platinum Blonde cover)

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The Metal Crypt (2022 – Self-Titled EP):
“The three songs have the rage, heaviness and some rawness you expect from thrash, but also the melody and speed you’ll find in the more aggressive and harsher forms of power metal (no flowery stuff here, people). Pete’s vocals definitely are more of the aggressive heavy/power metal variety while Marlee shakes the hell out of the speakers with a more aggressive and harsher, yet high-pitched style.”
Wings of Death (2022 – Self-Titled EP):
“This is the kind of band that really plays that pure, raw, seething thrash metal that I love.”
WORT 89.9FM – Mosh Pit Radio – Madison, WI (2022 – Self-Titled EP):
“Classic heavy thrash, catchy quick stuff with big screamy vox! Great stuff!” (2022 – Self-Titled EP):
“The EP thunders around the listener’s ears with a massive, powerful sound and gripping guitar riffs, but is also arranged with great attention to detail. Geoff Waye also acts as lead guitarist in the melodic as well as brute playing with pinpoint accuracy… Thrash fans who expect more than just head banging should remember the name TRISKELYON.”
Metal Noise (2022 – Self-Titled EP):
“What does Melodic Thrash sound like? Well in the eyes (and ears) of Geoff Waye it sounds like Thrash with influences of Traditional Metal, so you have plenty of heavy chugging Thrash riffs, separated by Traditional Metal bridges and big choruses. Opening cut ‘Hunger’ sounds like a classic Anthrax cut from the ‘Spreading The Disease’ era, with Iron Maiden influences all over it and Pete Healey’s higher pitched vocals only enhancing that nostalgic feel.”

Canadian Thrashers TRISKELYON announce the releace of new album ‘Artificial Insanity’ for the 9th of September 2023 via Moribund Records.
Canada’s new power thrash metal gods Triskelyon returns to deliver the stainless steel goods again on their highly anticipated second album ‘Artificial Insanity’ (mixed and mastered by Michael Small (Winterhearth, Triskelyon, Artach)).
Founded in 2021 by guitarist Geoff Waye, of the popular true metal band Category VI, Triskelyon released one self-titled EP and was promptly signed to Moribund Records for their radio chart-topping debut album ‘Downfall’ (2022).
On Triskelyon’s second outing, band leader Geoff Waye has once more recruited the crème de le crème of the Canadian metal scene.
Enlisting the vocal talents of guests Amanda Jackman (Category VI), Armin Kamal (Infrared), Cara McCutchen (Mortillery, Naitaka), Dale Drew (Sea Dogs), Des Mason, Ellim, Pete Healey, Raúl Álvarez (Dark Order-Aus.) and Tim Tymo (Tymo) culminate in a varied album, which delivers both pure thrash metal classics, hints of blackened melodic thrash, and enough power metal to bring one back to the 1980s.
Drum Duties are shared between Raul Marques (Burning Torment) and Alexander Raykov (Antreib), while Dwayne Pike, Keith Jackman (Category VI), and Darrin Pope are conscripted on bass.
With ‘Artificial Insanity’ Triskelyon returns with a varied yet blistering thrash/power metal classic, bringing back the 1980’s glory days, while maintaining a fresh and modern sound.
To close the album Triskelyon surprises all with an incredible female-fronted power metal rendition of the hit song ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ by Canadian rockers Platinum Blonde.
The band has giving a taste of what’s to hit the mosh pit with their first single ‘Visionaries’.
For fans of
Megadeth, Forbidden, Agent Steel, Exodus, Slayer, Testament, and Overkill.

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