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American thrash band
has released single/video
‘The Egregious Sins Of Humanity’

Single Artwork by Paul Allender
to watch the video-clip ‘The Egregious Sins Of Humanity’, please click play…

Songs performed and written by Graham Southern
Produced by Graham Southern
Mixed by Alex Nasla
Mastered by Alex Nasla

David Ainsworth – vocals
Graham Southern – keyboards, orchestration, backing vocals
Raymond Sanchez – guitars
Austin Mitrofanis – guitars
Nick Laux – bass
Tom Tierney – drums

No Clean Singing:
“The new song (‘The Egregious Sins Of Humanity’) is an explosive experience, one that combines jolting and hammering percussive grooves, bursts of jabbing and darting riffage, and high-flying symphonic extravagance that becomes increasingly feverish and fiery, all of it fronted by a tandem of beastly growls and strangled screams. The union of these forces gets the blood pumping and the head spinning — which makes the sudden shift into slowly shimmering orchestral strings and sprightly pinging tones even more surprising.”
No Clean Singing – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“We’ll make you a solemn promise: Whatever condition you happen to be in now (unless you’re in a coma), the song and video we’re about to present will make you feel orders of magnitude more alive, accelerating your heart-rate, igniting your fast-twitch muscles, and spinning your head like a glorious top. And for those of you who want your music to attack like a pack of rabid dogs, it fills that need, too. The song is ‘Veil of the Reaper’, and it comes from Hymns Of Blinding Darkness, the forthcoming album by the Los Angeles band Our Dying World. The new album marks a significant departure from the music on their debut, Expedition, moving in directions that may spawn memories of such bands as Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, and Dimmu Borgir, and you’ll get a vivid understanding of that when you hear ‘Veil of the Reaper’.”
Decibel Mag – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“Hymns of Blinding Darkness is an intricate album with lofty pursuits featuring a stunning band makeover.”
Heavy Mag – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“As with many great evolutions, Our Dying World took all their best parts and made it huge. This album paces brilliantly and delivers in spades. An overall epic release of their own brand of hard rocking hymns.”
Infernal Masquerade – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“Closing with the excellent Melodic Death Metal-esque piece “Veil of the Reaper”, Our Dying World manages to keep the listener’s attention with soaring guitar melodies, engaging keyboards, and overall solid songs that are well crafted but need more of a personal identity. There are definitely plenty of excellent things about this release that fans of the genre will greatly appreciate, so don’t be afraid and check out this band.”
Angry Metal Guy – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“Fans who appreciate equal doses of orchestra and mosh pit will likely dig this passionate full-length debut.”
Metal Temple – Hymns Of Blinding Darkness (2022):
“One thing is clear from the young band as they prepare for the release of their second release; they’ve come to stir the standards that hold the metal scene and redefine them.”
Powerplay Magazine – 2019 – Expedition :
“this first effort is every heavy metal enthusiast’s lottery win and is assured to gain a growing fanbase for the band”
The Circle Pit – 2019 – Expedition:
“The band does a great job with mixing several different metal styles. Primarily, they channel Groove Metal, Thrash Metal, and Melodic Death Metal. They take all these approaches and blend them damn near seamlessly with enough intensity to level your ears.”
Ultimate Studios Inc. – 2019 – Expedition:
“The last 9 months working with Our Dying World on their release EP has been a wonderful journey that has had about every twist and turn you could imagine while making a record. Some were typical to the actual recording process, and some were a part of the personal journey that one finds themself in when baring their soul to the world.”
Artist Reach Official:
“Some metal bands in this era just tackle the genre just for the sake of it. Because the “scene kids” are into it and screaming is all the hype. But then, you run into a band like Our Dying World, proving one record at a time that true metal is a genre that isn’t going to die anytime soon, thanks to bands like them and others of their caliber.”
Powerplay Magazine:
“this first effort is every heavy metal enthusiast’s lottery win and is assured to gain a growing fanbase for the band”

Our Dying World:
“‘The Egregious Sins Of Humanity’ marks the next phase in the band’s development. It shows another level of musical maturity and has pushed us all into a level of figuring out how to play more sophisticated parts and make them work together. We all had to make huge strides on playing some of these parts and we’re looking forward to the next ones and how we’ll have improved individually as well as musically.”
The song opens up on a flurry of strings and a descending scale from an orchestra that makes a brief appearance before blast beats and double bass erupt across the listener’s ears.
Choirs sing in a chant across the chaos before it all dies down as quickly as it came.
Austin’s guitars pave the way for the verse to come in.
David starts in with the lyrics, ‘I hear a voice; a whisper from the pits of darkness’, almost relaying a message sent from beyond.
The drums slam the listener through the song as the orchestration becomes more and more apparent.
A deeper voice, almost as if it’s the whisper mention before suddenly comes out ‘I am nothing, I am all’ called back by ‘I am shadows on your wall’ almost telling the listener I am everything and I am nothing.
The song dives back into the verse and we hear the full impact of the strings lifting the brutal guitars and drums into a new place.
The song takes a twist as something out of a Danny Elfman or Tim Burton film swings around.
Sounding almost like a creepy xylophone and chimes, it’s almost as if you’re walking around blindly waiting for a big reveal in the song, and reveal it does.
The chorus comes swinging in with double bass, heavy chords, and low strings that match the lyrics, ‘Lost to the blackness I find myself in great demise; all hope is lost, no chance to be at one with life’.
The subject of the lyrics has given up and we hear his solemn vow, ‘This endless void will soon find me, a lifeless corpse, who found salvation on a rope’.
Everything cuts out except a guitar, and it builds.
We hear the subject utter his last words:
“And so it ends; this artificial claim of a blessed life. Sewn with seeds of failure and desperation, I take my leave with this note of abandonment”.
And we hear a huge 808 drop.
Austin and Graham come in with a harmonized lead on keyboards and guitar, sweeping arpeggios across their instruments.
Ray takes his solo next, a slightly different vibe to the song, but echoing eerily through his part with squeals and taps across the fretboard.
The band dives into the massive chorus a final time before the clean and calm guitars float out of the song with the sound of the wind at the bands back…
The drums on this song are Tom’s fastest drums to date – previously he had topped out at 215 BPM and this song would end up coming in at 225.
Tom had to completely change his style of playing and relearn his double bass technique to make the speeds in this song happen consistently.
Needless to say, it ended up being a permanent way of playing after he figured it out.
Everything was recorded by Alex Nasla in his house or with Dave Valez for drums.
“We were able to do everything in extremely controlled environments that eliminated the need for a full production studio. It was a fun experience and definitely got experimental at some points.”
Austin’s first writing with Our Dying World turned out to be his guitars for Egregious Sins.
Needless to say, the guitars have gotten much faster and darker since ‘Hymns Of Blinding Darkness’;
a change that everyone was incredibly enthusiastic about.
He’s already written another single that’s coming soon…
The high-pitched bell noise in the creepy section of Sins is actually a typewriter sample.
Over the last few years, Los Angeles’s Our Dying World has gone through a tremendous evolution of sound from the thrashy death metal of their debut EP Expedition to the symphonic and melodic keyboard-oriented stylings of bands like Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, and Dimmu Borgir.
Formed in 2018 by drummer/guitarist Tom Tierney (ex-Whiplash), the group has played shows all over the USA in their short time together, bringing their sound from the fabled Sunset Strip in Hollywood to the New Jersey Metalfest where they opened for Metal Mike of Halford.
One thing is clear from the young band as they prepare for the release of their new 2023 single’The Egregious Sins Of Humanity’ to follow their highly praised sophomore album ‘Hymns Of Blinding Darkness’ they’ve come to stir the standards that hold the metal scene and redefine them.
Shared Stage with:
Abysmal Dawn, Abigail Williams, Swallow The Sun, Thrown Into Exile, Metal Mike of Halford

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