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Finnish thrash Metal band
will release new album
‘Funeral Manifesto’

Primitive Evil
Suicidal Thrash
Darkness Walks Beside Me
When Darkness Eats
Nirvana of Negative
The Night Will Come
Twice Fallen Angel
No Regrets
The Uprise

Dark Thrash Metal band MY FUNERAL releases new full length album.
Helsinki based thrash metal act My Funeral release their long awaited fourth full length album on friday 7.10.2022.
Titled ”Funeral Manifesto”, the album delves thematically deep into the mind – mental disorders, setbacks, but also victories in life.
The album will be released through Finnish record label Inverse Records.
Funeral Manifesto is a conceptual album, in which can be heard a darker, more mature band than ever before.
The included tracks are the most ambitious and heavy to date, and work has been done to deliver an ultimate creation.
Recording of the album took place at Electric Fox Studios in Vaajakoski, Finland, with producer Tuomas Kokko during the fall of 2021.
Funeral Manifesto is a declaration from the dark side of man.
Of how darkness takes over the very mind, and how self-destruction and addictions feed it.
Other topics include hedonism, failure and one’s mortality.
The album as a whole can be seen as a philosophy of darkness and acceptance of death.

Finnish thrash Metal band
has released single
‘The Night Will Come’

Composed by Ilkka Sepponen & Joonas Kiviniemi
Lyrics: Ilkka Sepponen

pic by Petri Sara

After all hope is lost, the only thing that remains is the road to eternal darkness.
This is how My Funeral describes their new single “The Night Will Come”. This is the third single from the upcoming album, which is released through Inverse Records on 7.10.2022.
vocalist-bassist Ilkka Sepponen explains:
“The Night Will Come is a song about the acceptance of one’s own mortality, about accepting death. It is the last communion before leaving, the courage to walk through the coming night. Let the eternal night come.”

The upcoming album is named “Funeral Manifesto” and it is the fourth full length record by My Funeral.
The album features more mature, more ambitious, and heavier sounds than ever before.
“Funeral Manifesto” is the worldview of a mortal life, of death and darkness.

Finnish thrash metal band
has released single
‘Nirvana of Negative’

Composed by: Ilkka Sepponen, Joonas Kiviniemi
Lyrics by: Ilkka Sepponen

The torchbearer of dark Helsinki thrash My Funeral has released its second single of 2022.
The single titled “Nirvana of Negative” delves deep in the realm of mental demons; addictions.
Featured is also a brand new music video, produced fully by the band.
the band reflects:
“We decided to challenge ourselves and produce the music video on our own. It reflects our live stage presence as well as the message of the song – addictions and the world they create. That which may feel like heaven, but in the end might drag you down to hell.”

My Funeral reveals that the new single and earlier released “Primitive Evil” are part of a full length album, which will be released later this fall through Inverse Records.
The album features new angles, which haven’t been heard of earlier by the band.
More information about the album will be revealed later this year.

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