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Finnish thrash metal act
released new EP

Beaten Will Rise
Fight Until You Die
The Abandoned
End Of Chapter
All songs written by Valtteri Saharinen
Cover art: Petri Lampela
Recording & Mixing: Janne Korpela
Mastering: Mika Jussila, Finnvox

pic by Jaakko Manninen

The EP includes 4 new tracks of pure metal attitude!
It starts with the massive intro song “Beaten Will Rise” that leads you to the energetic first single “Fight Until You Die”.
The rounds harden with high pitch vocals
and fastness of the second single “The Abandoned” and eventually the EP ends with the most epic and rugged song released to date, “End of Chapter”.
Guitarist/vocalist Valtteri Saharinen states:
This EP started to form in early 2021 as I came up with the main riff to a song called “The Abandoned”. The riff itself got me inspired for a short album that handles themes such as loneliness, meaning of communality, mental endurance and pushing forward no matter what happens in your life. After the kickstart I decided to make three diverse songs about those headlines but at the same time keep the package focused on my mission. The end result became more than I could imagine, and as a band we are more than excited to finally let you hear this aggressive but controlled mayhem of our best songs due to date! I hope you like it, see you in the SHOW!”

Finnish melodic thrash metal band
released aggressive new single
‘The Abandoned’

pic by Jaakko Manninen

Finnish melodic thrash metal band Justice Theory has released new fast-paced single, entitled ‘THE ABANDONED’ from their upcoming EP.
It’s the second single out off ‘Beaten Will Rise’ EP, that will be out by the end of this Spring.
The track raises the speed and aggressiveness to higher level and shows a new style of vocals
that haven’t been heard before from Justice Theory.
Crank your speakers loud and let it make you bang your head!
Justice Theory is a four-piece formed by four guys from Jyväskylä Central Finland.
The band was founded in 2012 and has been active live band since 2014. They have toured around Finland and maybe the most important show so far has been at legendary Jalometalli Festival in 2016.

releases powerful new single

Finnish metal band Justice Theory is happy to announce that they will release new EP “BEATEN WILL RISE” on Spring 2022.
And now here they give you a first taste of upcoming EP.
Cover artwork is created by Petri Lampela.
Vocalist end guitar player Valtteri states:
“This song is ultimate power straight from the heart! After emotional and low-tempo song Fade Into the Night, I wanted to make a song that really hypes you up and makes you move. For me, lyric-wise this song is about two themes. First theme is standing together whatever comes to our way. Trust between brothers, and not giving up until you’ve given your everything ties it up really well. We should always remember that we are not alone in this world. Bond between humans can be stronger than we even realize, particularly when it comes to a matter of life and death. Another theme is that we always manage to find a way for rising up after being beaten down. When you’re at the bottom, it just gives you a moment for rise again…”

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