a Brazilian thrash metal act

to watch the video-clip of ‘Ossos’, please click play…
to watch the video-clip of ‘War Insights’, please click play…

Bolt Inc is a METAL do-it-yourself project formed in april 2021.
Right now they have 50% of our first job done and working on the rest.
There will be 9 songs with cover possibility.
Soon they will release some more songs on the net for those interested in their sound, allowing a greater and punctual coverage of their work.
Currently the project is composed by:
Crusher – vocals (Brutal Distortion), production and lyrics,
Black Mass – guitars,
*Destruction – bass, guitars, mastering and mixing.
Bolt Inc are from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Prototipo 1 – Disintegration, has two tracks:
Eroded Humanity and Greed Drop.
Prototipo 2 – War Insights, has two tracks:
Critical Point, No Idolatry.

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