Swedish heavy/thrash metal band
have released ep
‘Brink of Collapse’

Fredrik Thomsen – rhythm guitar and vocals
Johan Fredberg – lead guitar
Carl Bergevald – bass
Marcus Elton – drums

Besiege is a metal band based in Gothenburg Sweden.
They officially formed in 2020 and have so far released two EP:s ‘And Then There Were None’ from February of 2021 and ‘Brink of Collapse’ from January of 2022.
Their music can be described as influenced by 80’s Bay Area Thrash but also combined with classic heavy and melodic metal.
From the beginning, Besiege existed as an idea by long time friends and guitarists Fredrik and Johan, who for many years had jammed the riffs and songs, that Fredrik wrote.
They nourished the dream of one day form a band playing the old-school type of thrash they loved to play and listen to.
In 2019 they decided to make it real by putting out an add searching for a drummer.
Marcus answered and from the fall of 2019 he joined Fredrik and Johan in their jamming sessions in their rehearsal studio in Gothenburg.
During the next year Marcus was a part in forming the band Cowherence, where Carl served as a guitarist.
Since Carl also shared the passion for the old-school thrash and Besiege now were looking for a bass player Carl got the question and accepted.
From the autumn of 2020 the line-up was completed and Besiege now formally existed as a full band.
In February of 2021 they released their first EP
‘And Then There Were None’ followed almost a year later by their second EP ‘Brink of Collapse’ released in January of 2022.
Both EP:s were recorded in Studio Meltdown in Kungsbacka outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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