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a German punk legend
an interview by
Maria Stella Tsatsi

Die Suicides
Waldschiesshaus, Erlangen (DieSuicidesArchive)
to watch the video-clip of ‘Schrecken aus der Nacht’, please click play…
the 90ies – Die Suicides (DieSuicidesArchive)
40 years of DieSuicides – pic by Harald Sippel
to watch the video-clip of ‘Arbeitsscheu und dauerblau’, please click play…
Weekend of Fear – Horrormovie festival – 9.6. & 10.6. Erlangen

Die Suicides-Μike Neun: I didn’t see any glam concert in the 80’s

What comes into your mind when you are listening punk music?
Certainly not everyone likes it, but surely many of us!
It is particularly, a little bit unusual and has selective listeners.
However, when punk music is led by a band like ‘Die Suicides’, then things change and take another color and shape.
‘Die Suicides’ is one of almost Germany’s first punk bands that was found in 1977, with many fanatical fans, that loved this kind of music because of them!
Munich has ‘Τhe Pack’ and Erlangen has ‘Die Suicides’.
‘Βier und Zigaretten’, ‘Mich packt der Wahn’, ‘Arbeitsscheu und dauerblau’ etc., were some of their greatest hits that we adore to listen to.
Tilo Heider/ drums, Andy Dorn and Bastl Siegl /Bass, Dirk N. Steuerlein guitar/vocals and Mike Neun/vocals.
Τhey are the punk drivers of this crazy punk group, would you like to get on board?
Mike Neun, the superstar of the band is not only the en spoke singer of the band, but he is also a successful director, writer and also starred in some of his short films.
The singer, has also his own label, called ‘Shock Film Corporation Erlangen’.
Many of his great short films such as ‘Μampf’, The Movie (2018), ‘The footballkillers’ (2013), ‘Strickliesel’ – Der Film (2014), ‘Müllcolm X – Die seltsamen Abenteuer des Müllmannes Mario’ (2020) etc.
‘Die Suicides’, will continue to drive us to their punk delirium music, as long as we are still alive.
Mike Neun, through his exclusive interview at radiohp.net, talked to us about ‘Die Suicides’, himself, ‘Shock Film Corporation Erlangen’, ‘the Weekend of Fear film festival Erlangen’ and his upcoming plans.
How did your love for music begin?
“My love for music started when I was about 6 years old.”
How did the name Die Suicide come about?
“Ohh..the bands name. Well back in the 70ies those kind of brutal names for bands was not very seldom. Just to remeber…Stranglers, Damend, Spitfire Boys etc etc.”
Could you introduce us to the band of ‘Die Suicides’?
“We have had many changes over the years, also some members have already died. The actual lineup is, Tilo Heider drums, Andy Dorn and Bastl Siegl bass, Dirk N.Steuerlein guitar/vocals and Mike Neun/vocals.”
How do you feel that ‘Die suicides’ is one of the most successful punk groups in the world?
“LOL.. we are little known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Great Britain, but not worldwide.”
What kind of influences did you have and follow this type of music?
“Definitely not Pink Floyd or Genesis…. more Sweet, Suzi Quatro and T.Rex.”
What do you consider the biggest success in your career so far?
“More success? To be still allive!!!”
How would you describe your career in one word?
Would you like to describe the first time you went on stage?
(emotions, images, music, etc.)

“A long time ago…. We couldn’t play at all, but we worked in the cellar of a kindergarden anyway. The audience didn’t know how to handle weird kids like us!”
How did one of your biggest hits ‘Bier und Zigaretten’ come about?
“‘Bier und Zigaretten’ is a very simple song. That’s why people probably keep it in their minds….”
Share with us the lyrics of one of your favorite songs.
”Mich packt der Wahn’ (I am crackin up).’
Describe your strongest concert in the glam period of the 80’s.
“I didn’t see any glam concert in the 80’s!”
Could you tell us a few words about your direction in the videoclip of ‘Schrecken aus der Nacht”s song (Terror of the night)?
“Ohh..a very sad and brutal story about a british mass murder Peter Sutcliffe. He died last year…”
How did Shock Film Corporation Erlangen come into your life?
“I loved cinema as much as I loved music. I still make amatuer movies with my friends. Okay, these new movies are a little better now than my works in the late seventies.”
Can you tell me a few words about the comedy ‘Mampf, The Movie’?
“‘Mampf’, for example, is a cheap remake of Marco Ferrari’s ‘The Big Dinner’!”
Can you tell us about the Weekend of Fear film festival?
“Weekend of Fear is a festival of horror and dark films. My friends and I have been running it for more than 25 years now… I love it!!!”
Who is Mike Neun and ‘Die Suicides’ off the record?
“Mike Neun in private is the same person as on stage… ok maybe a little more friendly.”
Has this whole period of the pandemic affected you, in what way?
“COVID? Well, I saw it as a creative silent period. And of course I survived… Not all my friends did…”
What are the upcoming plans of the band ‘Die Suicides’?
“Doing a concert in our hometown of Erlangen, on 10th of November. I’d love to see you there…”
Maria Stella Tsatsi

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